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Zipcar goes to college

We've got hundreds of alma maters. From the ivy covered walls of Yale to the sunny shores of UC Berkeley, Zipcar for University is making a difference on college campuses across the country. Taking a cue from our old chemistry text, we know that the right balance of green initiative, campus congestion relief and student interest delivers a viable and cost-effective transportation solution that works for everyone.

What does a university partnership look like?
It goes something like this…

Zipcar provides…

Zipcar U for Universities

  • Expertise in transportation demand management
  • Fleet: Pick from a variety of fuel-efficient vehicles (choose your school colours, if you want)
  • Access to cars for all eligible drivers in your campus community (faculty, staff, students 18+/21+ depending on your location)
  • Zipcar technology with a world-class vehicle reservation system and easy-to-use account management tools
  • What does a university partnership look like?
  • Marketing support

Expertise in transport demand management

  • Dedicated staff to ensure ongoing program success
  • Parking
  • Co-marketing support

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