The Smarter Business Blueprint

insights from SME trailblazers

The Smarter Business Blueprint is an interactive report aimed at capturing the common traits of successful start-ups. Working in partnership with StartUp Britain and Ashridge Business School, the report provides a series of fascinating insights from entrepreneurs who are re-shaping the business landscape with their passion, innovation and commitment. You can download the full Smarter Business Blueprint or simply take a look around this site to see what these SME trailblazers think is essential to become a successful start-up.

SME Insights – videos

The Blueprint Infographic

As a start-up, Zipcar disrupted the established car ownership model. We held the belief that the status quo was no longer the best way to meet people’s needs in the modern urban environment. The current economic climate only places a greater focus on convenient, cost-effective and flexible business solutions – and the Smarter Business Blueprint is our contribution to the men and women bold enough to launch businesses that challenge traditional models.