member savings


  • James H., London

    giving my wallet a workout

    I sold my knackered old Ford Focus last year and joined Zipcar, and now I'm driving about in a brand new BMW! Never thought I'd be doing that. I used to drive to work every day (in fact I used to drive just about everywhere), but now I only drive when I need to. I'm down to about 5 hours a week, and the rest of the time I take the train or cycle. The fact I'm more active and green is a bonus, but to be honest the main reason I love Zipcar is how much healthier my wallet is looking! The accountant says I've saved £4,100 in the last 10 months.
    James H.
  • Fiona S. and Liam D., Cambridge

    small business, big savings

    As a small business every penny counts for us, so we're really careful when it comes to anything that affects the bottom line. Since we ditched our car last year and switched to Zipcar, we reckon we've saved 22% on cost per mile driven (once you tot up all the insurance, fuel, MOT, general repairs, Congestion Charge, admin time etc.). It's been an absolute revelation. As a business we now drive less, spend less, but actually travel more. And it's great knowing that we've got cars and vans on call whenever we need them.
    Fiona S. and Liam D.
  • Olly T. and Laura K., London

    that's what friends are for

    We took the plunge a few months ago and sold our car after friends kept raving about Zipcar. We've never looked back. It's only a few pounds an hour for the new car on our street, so we get out and drive most weekends, and we're saving around £350 a month. So now we can spend our money on fun stuff like drum lessons (for him) and dancing lessons (for her) rather than dull stuff like MOTs, tax and insurance. Oh yeah, and these days we're the ones asking our non-Zipcar friends, "Why would you own a car when you can have Zipcar???"
    Olly T. and Laura K.