Is Zipcar for Me?

Who exactly is the car-sharing type?

The beauty of the Zipcar community is that we're all different. Members use Zipcar as an alternative to the costs and hassle of owning or renting a car. It's also more flexible than public transport. But if you're unsure if Zipcar and car clubs are for you, we've put together some scenarios.

I want to save money.

Zipcar members report an average monthly saving of around compared to car ownership. Whether you're a car owner or a taxi taker, with car clubs there are savings to go around. Calculate your cost savings now.

I take public transport, but need a car sometimes.

Public transport (and even cabs) can't always get you where you need to go.

I don't want the hassle of owning a car.

Maybe you're looking to shed a car, or maybe you're looking for a way to never have to own at all. Either way, Zipcars practically take care of themselves: they have parking spaces, plus cleaning and maintenance crews.

I want to do my part to take care of our planet.

Zipcars are good for the planet and the wallet. Each Zipcar shared takes at least 20 personally-owned vehicles off the road.

Once in a while I need a second car.

Did your spouse or roommate take your car for the day? Hello, Zipcar.

I want to impress my boss.

We have a couple of solutions: take them out in a swanky Zipcar, or save your company time and money by joining Zipcar for Business. We see a promotion in your future.

Is Zipcar for you? Join Zipcar today See how it works