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Zipcar Flex and the VW e-Golf

electrify your next a to b

The VW e-Golf is now available with our one-way, drive and drop Flex service.

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One way trips to and from Heathrow T5 are now available

How it works

Once you’ve joined, getting on the road is really simple. And you can do it all from our handy app.

  • Select
  • Find
  • Reserve
  • Unlock
  • Drive
  • Drop
  • Select the service that works for you

    We offer two types of services. Roundtrip or one-way with Zipcar Flex. Take your pick.

  • Find your nearest Zipcar in the app

    Find your nearest Zipcar in the app.

  • reserve icon

    Book a Zipcar up to 15 minutes or weeks in advance

    A few taps of the app and you can be driving in seconds for one-way trips or use it to book ahead for a whole weekend with a van. The choice is yours.

  • Unlock icon

    Unlock the car with your phone

    When you're at your Zipcar hit unlock on the app. The keys are waiting for you in the glovebox. Easy.

  • Jump in and get more out of the city

    Get out there, do your thing and enjoy the ride. Fuel, insurance, the Congestion Charge are included in our rates. You're welcome.

  • Drop off your Zipcar & end your reservation

    Depending on your trip type, return and park in the reserved Car Club Only bay for Roundtrip, or drop off in any approved space across the Zipzone with Zipcar Flex.

get flexible across the Zipzone

The Zipzone is the blue area on the map where you can find & drop off cars with Zipcar Flex. Always use the app to check the exact operating area and to find your nearest Flex car. Top tip, blue pins for Flex, green for Roundtrip.

electrify your next one-way trip

Zipcar App with Blue Pin for Flex

choose Flex

We take care of all the charging of the e-Golfs, so you only need to pick up and drop off according to the normal Flex parking rules.

Charge level and range for the VW e-Golf

check the range

The VW e-Golf has a real world range of 124 miles. Check the charge level and range in the app to ensure you can reach your destination.

Drive for just 31p per minute

get going

Take the VW e-Golf for just 31p/min, capped at £14/hour. Enjoy CarPlay and Android Auto on the go too!

Charging station

easy drop off

We take care of charging all the e-Golfs, so you only need to pick up and drop off according to the normal Flex parking rules. Easy.

Flex your way

simple pay-as-you-go rates for maximum flexibility

Flex by the minute

By the minute

perfect for saving you money on short trips around the city

VW Polo - 29p per minute.

VW e-Golf - 31p per minute.

Flex by the hour

By the hour

we cap the rates to keep costs of longer trips down

VW Polo - £12 per hour.

VW e-Golf - £14 per hour.

Please note: an additional £5 airport fee applies to any trips to and from Heathrow T5 in a Zipcar Flex.

Flex by the day

By the day

daily cap exclusive to the VW Polo

Kicking in at 6 hours for reservations in the Polo, you'll never pay more than £72 per 24 hour period.

The e-Golf is suited for shorter trips around the city, with per minute and per hour rates only.

Membership plans

We’ve a choice of membership plans to suit any budget. And if you want to switch to a different plan at any time, you can.



Normally a £19 one-off joining fee.

Perfect if you want to give Zipcar a try!


£6 per month

& £6 driving credit each month

Want to start saving from your very first trip? Plan on using Zipcar occasionally. The Smart choice.


£15 per month

& £15 driving credit each month

You want to access our lowest rates? Start saving after just 3 hours a month.

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