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Learn where you can find Zipcar Flex and the rules around where you can drop off our cars.

get flexible across the Zipzone

The Zipzone is the blue area on the map where you can find & drop off cars with Zipcar Flex. Always use the app to check the exact operating area and to find your nearest Flex car. Top tip, blue pins for Flex, green for Roundtrip.


One-way trips to and from Heathrow T5 are now available.

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Whether you're reserving with Zipcar Flex or Roundtrip, remember that different parking rules apply when ending your reservation.

Zipcar Flex - perfect for spontaneous one-way trips and drop offs in any approved space within the Zipzone.
Zipcar Roundtrip - they're for longer trips and escapes, and are returned to the same parking bay you pick up from.

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Where can you drop off with Zipcar Flex?

Almost anywhere within the Zipzone - just make sure the bays or spaces are one of the following:

Permit Holders Only
If you see this sign, you're okay to park.

Permit Holders or Pay & Display
Always check the wording on these signs - it should look like this. Pay & Display Only bays are not allowed.

On street - No restrictions
Many of the streets across the Zipzone do not have any parking restrictions. In the absence of parking signs, these locations are indicated by white parking lines and where there are no other restrictions e.g. yellow lines, red routes.

where you can't drop off with Zipcar Flex

  • Car Club Only bays (Zipcar Roundtrip vehicles live there)
  • Pay & Display Only bays
  • Disabled bays • Business Permit Only bays
  • Suspended bays
  • Yellow lines, red routes, junction boxes, zig-zag lines, pedestrian crossings & all other nationally restricted areas
  • Housing estates and private roads
  • Roads on the TFL Road Network
  • Parking bays in part time bus lanes
  • Selected streets or areas closed by the borough council.

Check for parking restrictions coming into effect within 48 hours of ending the rental, if you see one, please don’t park there!

where not to park image

returning your Zipcar Roundtrip vehicle

When you’ve finished your reservation make sure that you return your Zipcar to its dedicated parking bay. During your reservation you are able to park in other areas however if you're stopping over in a car park or space that requires a fee, you're responsible for paying.

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