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How does it work?

Zipcar is all over London, with Flex and Roundtrip vehicles at the ready for you to drive around the capital and beyond. It’s really easy to get started.

Hit the road in just a few steps


Open the app and choose either Flex or Roundtrip from the dropdown menu. Zipcar Flex cars are blue pins. Roundtrip vehicles are green.


Zipcar Flex – Find the nearest blue pin and click on it.

Roundtrip – Choose the type of vehicle you want and the most convenient location to you.

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Zipcar Flex – Reserve on the app up to 15 minutes ahead of your trip. Unlock with the app and start paying by the minute. How long you use it for is up to you.

Roundtrip – Reserve for a few hours, a day or even 6 months in advance either via the app or through this site.


Our clever app unlocks the door. Just make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. For Roundtrip cars you can also tap your Zipcard on the windscreen.


Take your car wherever you need to go and enjoy the ride. Flex cars can be driven all over London, but must be dropped off within the Zipzone at the end of your trip.


Zipcar Flex – Be sure to drop off the car in an approved space in the Zipzone. If you’re unsure, use the app to check the parking rules and that you're in the right area. Use the app to lock the car and end your trip.

Roundtrip – When you finish your trip, there’s no need to worry about finding a parking space. Just return it to the same dedicated Car Club Only bay you picked it up from and use the app to lock it.

Flex your way

simple pay-as-you-go rates for maximum flexibility

Flex by the minute

By the minute

for just 29p/min you can enjoy short trips around the capital

One-way trips with Zipcar Flex are only availble in the app, download it today.

Flex by the hour

By the hour

never pay more than £12 per hour with Flex

For those times when you need to Flex for longer, we make sure you'll never pay more than £12 for an hour. You're welcome!

Flex by the day

By the day

never pay more than £72 for a full day with Flex

Our daily price cap for Flex vehicles kicks in at 6 hours so you'll never pay more than £72/day. Our daily cap means any 24 hour period.


One-way trips to and from Heathrow T5 are now available.

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