need a car in london? Zipcar is the answer

Zipcar have teamed up with Artistic Spaces to offer a free business account for all Unit 10 tenants


24/7 access to the entire fleet, parked across London whenever and wherever you need. Find your nearest.


Reserve online, unlock with your Zipcard or mobile and drive like it's your own.


Hourly rates start at just £3.96, and fuel, Congestion Charge, insurance, and 40 free miles are included with every reservation!


Hop into a Golf to a meeting, an Audi to a client site, or pick up a van to transport those bulkier items.


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For Unit 10 tenants

Get your first year's membership free (standard cost £99) and start saving right away!*

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Want to find out more about how Zipcar works? Just take a look at our 4 simple steps

4 simple steps