Zipcar is proud to be working with the Cambridgeshire Travel for Work Partnership (TfW) and its sister project, Travel Plan Plus (TP)+

exclusive offer to TfW member organisations and their staff

join now for half price and receive £20 in free driving! 

What is Zipcar? A pay-as-you-go car, parked just around the corner.


24/7 access to the entire fleet, parked across Cambridge for business or personal use whenever and wherever you need. Find your nearest.


Reserve online, unlock with your Zipcard or mobile and drive like it's your own. 


Fuel, insurance, and 40 free miles are included in our low hourly and daily rates.


To a meeting, to a client site or zip out of town at the weekend.

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For personal use

Pay only £29.75 to join, and get £20 back in driving credit.

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For business use

Your company could qualify for a FREE business account and 2 free drivers.

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Learn more about TfW and TP+

Travel for Work (TfW) is Zipcar's perfect partner, providing greener, cheaper and healthier travel solutions for Cambridgeshire employers and their staff.

TfW website

Travel Plan Plus (TP+), TfW's sister project, works with employers and their staff in Cambridge's Science Park area.

TP+ website