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Zipcar Flex - one way 'drive & drop' cars at your service across London. Welcome to the new world of the blue pins.

What if we told you, you could rethink how you use Zipcar?

Well with Flex you can do just that. Its ideal for all those short trips you wouldn’t want a Roundtrip car for – going out for Dinner? Flex there, Flex back, don’t pay for anything in between! Heading to a party? Flex there, drop it and forget about it!

If you’ve got the latest UK App (worth double checking), Flex cars appear as the Blue Pins, whilst Roundtrip vehicles are still the Green pins.

Find out everything you need to know below, or just take the Blue Pin and go for a spin today!

Flex your way

simple pay-as-you-go rates for maximum flexibility

Flex by the minute

By the minute

perfect for saving you money on short trips around the city

VW Polo - 29p per minute.

VW e-Golf - 31p per minute.

Flex by the hour

By the hour

we cap the rates to keep costs of longer trips down

VW Polo - £12 per hour.

VW e-Golf - £14 per hour.

Flex by the day

By the day

daily cap exclusive to the VW Polo

Kicking in at 6 hours for reservations in the Polo, you'll never pay more than £72 per 24 hour period.

The e-Golf is suited for shorter trips around the city, with per minute and per hour rates only.

where can you flex?

The Zipzone covers the boroughs below and we're working hard on adding more in the coming months!

Flex Zipzones are now on both sides of the river

Welcome to London's first one-way drive & drop service both north and south of the Thames!

How to use Flex


Zipcar Flex is only available in the new UK App

Flex cars can only be booked via our most recent Zipcar app (get the most up to date app), as it shows you where they are in real-time – it’s a service designed especially for mobility!

Flex cars will only appear on your app if you are searching in one of our Zipzones (see map above). They appear as Blue Pins, and once chosen they will be held for 15 mins to allow you time to get to the car – remember, they don’t live in permanent bays like the Green-pin Roundtrip vehicles, they move location all the time. So when you’re in the Zones, just tap the app to see if there’s one nearby!

Flex cars are charged by the minute, at £0.29p/min. Charging only begins when you enter the vehicle, and ends when you’ve parked in a suitable location, locked up & pressed ‘end trip’ on your app. Unlike Roundtrip vehicles, Flex cars can be left anywhere inside a Zipzone – making it literally ‘drive & drop’ - just remember to check the parking (see below for Parking details) when you drop it.

And to make things super-easy, all our Flex fleet are the same! Keep your eye out, the next one you see might just get dropped right in front of you, offering a tempting route home!


image of flex parking signs

Where can you drop off with Zipcar Flex?

Almost anywhere within the Zipzone - just make sure the bays or spaces are one of the following:

Permit Holders Only
If you see this sign, you're okay to park.

Permit Holders or Pay & Display
Always check the wording on these signs - it should look like this. Pay & Display Only bays are not allowed.

On street - No restrictions
Many of the streets across the Zipzone do not have any parking restrictions. In the absence of parking signs, these locations are indicated by white parking lines and where there are no other restrictions e.g. yellow lines, red routes.

where not to park image

where you can't drop off with Zipcar Flex

  • Car Club Only bays (Zipcar Roundtrip vehicles live there)
  • Pay & Display Only bays
  • Disabled bays • Business Permit Only bays
  • Suspended bays
  • Yellow lines, red routes, junction boxes, zig-zag lines, pedestrian crossings & all other nationally restricted areas
  • Housing estates and private roads
  • Roads on the TFL Road Network
  • Parking bays in part time bus lanes
  • Selected streets or areas closed by the borough council.

Check for parking restrictions coming into effect within 48 hours of ending the rental, if you see one, please don’t park there!

where do you want Flex next?

help us Turn London Blue with Flex pins

Flex is expanding!

Throughout 2017 Zipcar has been evolving with the introduction of our one-way, drive and drop service Zipcar Flex.

We’re doing everything we can to campaign for Flex expansion with the remaining London boroughs, but we need your help!

Visit our Turn London Blue page & let us know where you'd like to see the Blue pins next.

turn london blue

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& share £50 driving credit between you!

Why not tell your friends about Zipcar? With Flex and Roundtrip cars available at the swipe of a finger, its a no-brainer for city living!

If your friend joins from your referral, you both get £25 driving credit! Use our nifty tool to refer however suits you best, even if its just via your name!

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take the blue pin

take the blue pin

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