Apr 4, 2013

What do breast implants, a live frog and a birthing pool have in common? No, they’re not props for the forthcoming Hangover 3 film - they are, in fact, amongst the strangest items to have been left behind in car club vehicles. The research was based on data from Zipcar, which provides thousands of pay-as-you-drive vehicles to drivers across the UK. In the last year alone, the UK’s largest car club has logged more than 5,300 items of lost property. Topping the most bizarre chart are:

1. Breast implants

2. A live frog

3. A glass eye

4. Birthing pool

5. Blow up doll

6. Bowling ball

7. Two complete police uniforms

8. A ventriloquist’s dummy

9. Diamond engagement ring

10. A stuffed fox

The most commonly lost items are keys; As Zipcar allows drivers to unlock and enter and exit a vehicle without keys, drivers occasionally forget their own bunch when they finish with the vehicle. Single vegetables are also high on the list – possibly escaped from the shopping bags of the thousands of Zipcar members who use the vehicles to do their big weekly shop. Ironically, the mobile phone, so often mislaid, doesn’t even make the top 10 – they are rarely left behind in Zipcars as they provide the technology to open and lock the vehicles.

Items most commonly left in Zipcars:

1. Keys

2. Handbags

3. Sunglasses

4. Vegetables

5. Music CDs

6. Papers

7. Spectacles

8. Umbrellas

9. Gloves

10. Shoes

And finally, one of Zipcar's maintenance crew very diligently reported a ‘sleeping person’ remaining in the Zipcar was servicing. The previous member had snuggled down for a little nap upon finishing his trip but somewhat ‘overslept’!

Mark Walker, General Manager for Zipcar UK, added: "Members who have lost an item, however embarrassing, can contact our very non-judgemental member services team for a chance to be reunited with their belongings. Fortunately due to our regular cleaning cycle, Zipcar members rarely come across anything other than a pristine car. We do find that those members that do stumble across an unclaimed item are very diligent at reporting it – meaning members are almost always reunited with their lost items!"

A bit more about Zipcar

Zipcar provides the convenience and flexibility needed by urbanites seeking a smarter transport choice. Vehicles are available by the hour or by the day, from convenient locations close to people’s homes and offices. They are the perfect accompaniment to public transport for people who want an alternative to costly car ownership. Zipcar’s range of vehicles means customers can choose the most appropriate model for their specific requirement on the day, including small cars, premium vehicles and vans.