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take a Zipcar home for the night

Zipcars are really handy for all sorts of trips like hitting up the shops, getting to client meetings and escaping the city for the weekend.  But have you ever thought about how they could help you overnight?  You should, because we've created a special deal just for those times you need us most:

Reserve a Zipcar from 6pm to 9am any Monday through Thursday and it'll only cost you £29 for the entire 15-hour period.

(For those of you good at maths, that's less than £1.94 an hour.)

Got a late night at the office? Plan an overnight. Need to run some errands after work? Run 'em and then drive yourself home—plus you can drive yourself right back to work in the morning.

There's life after work, and it starts at 6pm.


The fine print: The Zipcar Overnight rate applies to most Zipcars, with a few exceptions, like hourly-only Zipcars and the Audi A3. Please note that this offer is only valid for reservations occurring between 6pm and 9am. Reservations beyond the 6pm to 9:00am period are billed at the regular full-day rate. (This means if you scan into your Zipcar before 6pm, or extend beyond 9:00am, the Overnight rate no longer applies.) 


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Zipcar Overnight Special

Reserve a Zipcar from 6pm to 9am for only £29!


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