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zipcar’s multiday, anytime rates

Thanks to member feedback, we developed bundle rates to help you escape the city for less, from a few days to a whole week, with Zipcar's Multiday, Anytime Rates.

Book any Zipcar or Zipvan for 2 or more days, any day of the week (including weekends and bank holidays), and benefit from lower rates.

For example – instead of £214 for a 3-day long weekend in a Golf, it’s now just £175 – saving £39! Or pack up the family for a 4-day weekend in a Touran for only £310 – a massive £88 saving!* These rates will remain the same whether your booking touches a weekend or not, and remember, every 24 hours booked includes up to 60 miles of fuel.

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'Rest of UK' driving rates are applicable to all Zipcars and Zipvans located in our UK cities other than London, which include: Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford, Maidstone and Edinburgh & Glasgow airports.

That well-earned break in the countryside or that long-overdue family visit is now even more affordable, with all the convenience of 24/7 access to cars and vans parked on streets near you (no lugging suitcases to rental depots and standing in queues for you!). For more trip ideas see our Ziptours guide to places to see in a Zipcar.

There’s no need to call us to get these multiday rates, just book as usual and we’ll automatically charge the lowest price. And if you need to extend your multiday booking mid-trip, don’t worry, the deal still applies, you’ll still be charged the lowest rate available.

And the best bit is these rates are here to stay! So start making the most of these lower Zipcar rates.

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*Standard day rate may vary depending on your booking location and individual rate plan; however Multiday Rates are applicable to all vehicles with the exception of City Class cars in London. Multiday rates do not apply to 'hourly only' vehicles.  Seasonal weekend pricing for London cars only is in effect between 28th May and 4th September 2016. Weekend rates increase by £1/hour, £5/day and Multiday reservations that touch weekends will increase by £10/trip.

†2-day rate on these vehicles is dependent on whether booking touches a weekend or not. You will automatically be charged the lowest rate applicable. 

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