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Welcome to your handy guide to the Zipcar family. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the Zipcars and Zipvans, from what gets them going, to what makes them tick, and everything that makes them special. Become more familiar with your favourite Zipcar or get to know any new additions.



Ford Fiesta

The Fiesta is the UK's most popular car, with his nippy frame and modern features, it's easy to see why. Find out why for yourself and book now today or read on to get to know him a little better first.


Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Feel green as you cruise around in the eco-friendly Toyota Yaris Hybrid - with the environmental perks of an electric car, without the hassle of finding a charging point. Continue reading to find out what makes him special, or book now to get behind the wheel.


hyundai i30

The epitome of comfort and style, the i30 is perfect for both personal and business trips - with a 5-star safety rating you can drive easy knowing you're in good hands. Read on to find out more, or take him for a test drive.


Ford Focus

As well as looking pretty darn good, the Focus has bags of space for, quite literally, your bags and all your friends for a weekend escape. To find out what makes him tick read on, or take him for a test drive.


VW Golf

He may look like a Golf and he may sound like a Golf, but the new generation Mk VII is packed full of gadgets and gizmos. Look out for his push button handbrake and his touchscreen radio, plus much more. Don’t worry the handbrake button isn’t as daunting as it sounds; read on to check out how to use it, or book now to see for yourself.



vw golf gte

The VW Golf’s plug-in electric hybrid brother gives you the best of both worlds. Take shorter trips using the electric motor and longer trips using the hybrid petrol engine. The Golf GTE is also packed full of features from parking sensors to Apple’s CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ to make your journey as comfortable as possible.



Audi A3

Known as the classy Zipcar, the Audi A3 will get you to that business meeting, wedding or even just the shops in style. Learn more or test drive luxury now.



VW Transporter

The workhorse of the Zipcar fleet, the sturdy VW Transporter will get the job done, whether you’re moving house, making a delivery, or simply zipping down to Ikea. Book now and see what he can do.


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A-Zip of Zipcar

For the answer to every question you've ever had about Zipcar, from unlocking the car to checking your bill, take a look at our how-to guides.


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