Meet the new additions to the Zipcar family

We’ve been celebrating the three new arrivals in our fleet: nippy little VW Up!, fun city car Vauxhall Corsa and tech-savvy VW Golf Mk VII. So we thought we’d formally introduce you with some neat facts and features.

VW Up!

She’s petite, nippy and perfect for zipping about town in, plus she’s only £6 an hour on a weekday. She may be small, but she has all the comfort of a larger car. Read on to learn more about everything she has to offer, or introduce yourself in person and book a ride now.




Vauxhall Corsa

He’s the roomie, low-cost city car with plenty of space for everything you need for a fun day out (we’ve tried!). Plus you can drive him from as little as £6 an hour. Make the city your playground and take him for a spin today or read on and get to know his features.



VW Golf Mk VII

He may look like a Golf and he may sound like a Golf, but the new generation Mk VII is packed full of gadgets and gizmos. Look out for his push button handbrake and his touchscreen radio, plus much more. Don’t worry the handbrake button isn’t as daunting as it sounds; read on to check out how to use it, or book now to see for yourself.