meet jean-paul "jp" hewlett

Meet Jean-Paul "JP" Hewlett - JP is part of the fleet maintenance team. Originally from South Africa, he not only keeps the cars spotless and running smoothly, but is keen to make Zipcar even greener with his recycling initiatives - and he keeps the office grinning with his photography.

Hi JP, tell us a little about yourself; how do you like to start your day?

I use three alarms starting at 4:50am and then one more at 5:25 which is my 5 minute warning before I must leave the house. After a short train ride and a brisk walk I reach my van, load my route on the iPad and head off into London with my flask of coffee by my side.

What does a typical day at Zipcar consist of?

I am given a route by the Fleet team in the office which consists of a list of Zipcars that are scheduled to be cleaned and inspected as well as vehicles that need urgent attention and fixing. So my colleague and I drive around London to these Zipcar locations to ensure each vehicle in our fleet is safe to drive and clean to use by our members.

What do you enjoy most about working at Zipcar?

I enjoy being out in the field and driving around London, especially on a nice sunny day.

How did you find yourself in Zipcar Fleet Maintenance?

I moved to London so I could work and travel and I ended up loving it so much here that I decided to stay longer.

How do you like to wind down outside work?

I am very passionate about my photography and I love to spend my afternoons and weekends working on it. You can find some of my work on Facebook.

You’ve made some Zipcar-themed recreations of famous artwork, how did that come about?

It was earlier this year when Jodie from Member Services was sent to do a ride-along with me out in the field. It was a really enjoyable day and Jodie got to see how we maintain and safety check our vehicles. I thought it would be funny to reenact the American Gothic painting but incorporating a Zipcar theme so everyone in the office could see us having fun. I then tweeted it and it got a good response. So I started to do more reenactments and people from the office began sending me requests. I try to do one a week now to make people in the office smile during their busy days.

We hear you have some interesting initiatives for recycling and car cleaning. Can you tell us a little more about them?

My team alone maintains, cleans and safety checks roughly 80 cars a week, and during our shift we find a lot of empty bottles and other recyclables. So I asked the office if I could install a recycling initiative in my van and trial it before implementing it in all the other maintenance vans. I acquired recycling bags from the council and installed two bins in the back of my van, one for recyclables and the other for general rubbish. During our shift we pass many recycling points scattered all over the London so its an easy job to do and it allows Zipcar to be a greener company.

Thanks JP, we love your photography and all your work keeping Zipcar clean and green.

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