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my account - about me

Get yourself logged into the website and go to ‘my stuff’ then ‘my account’.


From here you will see the following screen that contains all the vital information about your membership. This is the 'about me' tab, which (you've guessed it) is where you'll find your personal details.


My info – This section contains your basic information which you can update and edit at any time you wish. To change any details on your account simply click the 'edit' button after the corresponding item you wish to change (you can edit your email address and phone number on the next tab).

My membership - This section allows you to control which type of account you hold with us and which type of risk catagory you're on. Find out more details in our adding a waiver section

Please note: If you are considering switching plans halfway through your membership please call our friendly guardians team for advice on which plan is best for you on 0203 004 7817.

My Payment Information - This section is where you save your payment card. We allow only one payment card on file at any time so use the 'edit' button on the right hand side to update your card. For a full guide on adding or changing a payment card please click here

My Damage Fee Waiver - This is how you manage the waivers on your account. From here you can add a recurring monthly or annual payment to reduce your excess down to either £250 or right down to Zero. For a full guide on adding or removing waivers or in fact what a damage fee waiver actually is click here.

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managing your notifications

The second tab is the "contact me" section. This is where you manage your notifications from us via email and text message:

My contact info - Update your email address and phone number here by clicking the 'edit' button. 

Keeping your contact information updated is really important at Zipcar. During your membership, things can happen that affect your reservations; flat tyres, accidents, late returns. At any time we may need to get in contact in order to provide important updates to your reservation.

Also by keeping your contact number up to date your details will be automatically recognised when you call through to member services. If you change your number but don't update us, our phone system will require you to identify yourself each time you call in.

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This free service is an excellent way to keep on top of your reservations. We have alerts to let you know your reservation is coming up, that it's about to end, whether you can extend the booking or not and if someone has made a booking directly after yours. You'll need to activate two-way texts to make the most of these alerts. If you havn't already done so:

Hit the button at the top right of the page 'activate my phone'

Enter your mobile number in the left hand box, making sure to leave out the first digit (0 for UK members). Once you've entered this, hit 'send'

Shortly afterward you should receive a text to your phone:



Reply yes and that's it, you'll now receive text alerts. By default you will be opted into all notifications, so make sure you take a look at the options and select which are best for you. 

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 where I Zip 

The third tab is the 'Where I Zip' section.

my addresses - This is where you zip from, the default search address that will be used whenever you go to make a reservation. If you move home or use a Zipcar more often elsewhere, you can change your preferred address.

My other search address - This is where you can manage all your previous search locations. Every time you enter a new postcode or search address it will be saved here for future use. You can add or remove these addresses or make one of them your default locations from this page.

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 refer friends 

The final tab under the 'my account' section is 'refer friends', where you can invite your friends and business contacts to join Zipcar. Every time you refer you have the opportunity to earn and give driving credit, up to £50 for your friends and up to  £75 for businesses.

For a full step by step guide to referring your friends or businesses click here.

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understanding your statement

The 'my statement' page is where you can browse through your booking history and get full breakdowns of your reservation costs.


Once logged in, click on ‘my stuff’ and then ‘my statement’.

You'll then be presented with your statement with your most recent transactions towards the top of the screen.


The first thing to understand about your statement is that the charges are shown in chronological order, much like how you would view your bank statement. Every time a charge is applied to your account a line will be created here to show you why, and what's been applied. 

If the amount is shown in grey, it means this amount has been charged to your account:

If the amount is in green with brackets, this means it's been refunded to you:

If you would like to see a breakdown of an individual charge, be it a reservation or other charge, click on the entry. This will expand the box and give you details of that transaction.

If you then click the  button you will be given a full breakdown of charges for that reservation:

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credit balance

To see how much credit you've got just click on the 'my credits' button just below the navigation bars:


Click on this button to see how much driving credit you have on your account. As well as the amount, all credit has an expiry date which is displayed here. Make sure you use your credit in time or you’ll lose it!

If you we’re expecting to see some credit which is not displayed, click “recent credit history” button in orange to see if it’s been used or expired.

updating your payment card

To update your payment card, make sure you are in ‘my stuff – my account’. Under the ‘about me’ tab is the ‘my payment information’ section.

Here you can see the current payment card we have on file for you. By clicking [edit] you will be taken to a new screen where you enter your payment information:

Once at this screen, it’s fairly straightforward – enter your payment information and billing address. You have the option of giving a card a nickname. Essentially this just makes your statement easier to understand which card was charged. We’d suggest ‘Mastercard’ or ‘AMEX’ rather than an actual nickname like ‘Boomtown Maestro McGee’.

Once you’re happy the details are correct, hit the update button at the bottom of the page. You’ll know the update was successful when you are taken back to the previous screen and just under ‘my payment information' will be:

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payment card update issues - troubleshooting


Potential error messages:

“The billing address you provided did not match the address on file with your bank”

“We couldn’t find the billing address provided”

"Either we do not accept that type of credit card or the number is not valid"

If you see any of the above messages, try some of the following:

  • Ensure you have entered all the details on the payment information page (for example, re-entering the whole long card number rather than just the last four)
  • Make sure the card you are using is active and has funds available (we need to be able to process a £1 pre-auth to confirm the validity of the card, which we refund to you straight away).
  • Make sure you are using a valid card type (credit or debit cards only – pre paid cards are not accepted)
  • Make sure you are entering the billing address exactly as it appears on your bank statement (word for word, line for line)
  • Or lastly check with your bank to confirm there are no problems with your card or account.

If the problem persists, you may need to send us a copy of your bank statement (you can block personal information) that confirms your name and address registered to the payment card, but please call our Member Services team before doing so.

how to add a damage waiver

If you're over 21 and have had no Zipcar accidents in the past 12 months, you are eligible to purchase a damage fee waiver. A waiver allows you to reduce or eliminate the damage fee. Purchasing a waiver won't change your insurance or coverage - it just changes the maximum amount you'll be charged if you're involved in an incident with your Zipcar.

To add a damage fee waiver to your account, follow these steps and get yourself protected.

Once logged into your account go to the ‘my stuff’ section of the member’s menu bar and click on ‘my account’.

(Please note you cannot manage damage waivers via the app, you must use the Zipcar website or call through to Member Services)

At the bottom of this page you will see a section called 'my damage fee waiver' - here you can see your current waiver coverage details. To add one or to learn more click the the link that says just that:

We have two sets of waivers each with two options. You can choose to cover yourself on a monthly basis or annually and reduce your excess to £250 or right down to £0.

Once you have made your selection click ‘purchase waiver’ – if you’re simply browsing and don’t want to make a choice just yet, click ‘no thanks’ to go back.

Note that waivers will automatically renew, if you already have a waiver and don't want to renew next month simply select ‘no waiver’ on the left hand side of the table (as above) and hit purchase waiver.  This won't cancel any active waivers on your account, merely prevent you from being charged again at its expiry.

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