You can book Zipcars on our website, on our handy iPhone & Android apps and our mobile site. Here are some useful tips for making a booking.

Getting logged in

making a reservation through the website

making a reservation through the zipcar mobile app

making a reservation over the phone



getting logged in

Look to the top right of your screen and click the 'sign in' button.

Enter your username and password you created at application (if you signed up over the phone these will have been provided).


If you have any problems logging in you can use the 'forgot your username or password?' button.

Enter your email address and we'll send you your details.


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 making a reservation through the website


Once logged in you'll see the reservation page. If you don’t see this, just press the ‘reserve’ button in the top right-hand corner to take you there. 

Choose your preferred location from the address/location dropdown. You can search by city, neighbourhood or by postcode. If you zip from a few different locations you can save them by clicking ‘add new’ next to favourites

Choose the time you want your Zipcar for using the ‘pick up’ and ‘return’ drop downs.

how do i see booked zipcar's?

Are you flexible with your time? So are we. Tick the 'my time is flexible' box to show you all nearby vehicles and when they're free. Remember if you don't have this selected you wont see booked out cars!

If you have a vehicle preference, for example you need a Zipvan for some heavy lifting or an Audi A3 for a special occasion, choose a model in the 'cars' dropdown. You can also filter your search by low emission and automatic vehicles using the tickboxes below the 'cars' dropdown. If you need a bit more information you can learn more about vehicle models here.

Click ‘Find Cars’ to view all available vehicles within 6 miles of your chosen location. Here you will see any car that’s available for the times chosen with additional specifics. Please note the colour key which tells you when the car is available to book (white is available, grey means booked, green shows your selected time and red means your booking is overlapping another reservation, please adjust).


In the above example we have three available vehicles and two that are currently on reservations. Please note that you will not be able to see reserved vehicles unless you have  the 'my time is flexible' box ticked.

To find our more information about the vehicle, click the  sign next to the vehicle image.


When hovering your curser over each small icon you can get more information about its specifics. If you look at the above we can see that:

 it’s a hatchback

 it fits up to 5 people

 has medium luggage capacity

 is manual transmission

 and has an aux cable to listen to your own music

Click on the car you want to book, at this point you can edit the time you need the car by using the slider:

Once you’re happy, click the reserve button to take you to the confirmation page.

As well as the 'list view' above you can also book a Zipcar using a map. At the very top of the search results are two tabs: find cars by time (above) and find cars by location. Click on find cars by location to view a map that is centred on your search address/postcode.


At the bottom of the map you’ll see the colour key of the Zipcar pins. 

When you click on the Zipcar pin of your choice, as long as it's available it will turn yellow and bring up a speech bubble above that lets you reserve straight from the map.


Once you’re happy, click ‘reserve it’, which will take you to the confirmation page.


This page will give you a chance to review your selection. If you are happy with the details, press ‘yeah! book it.”


After your reservation has been made you will see the confirmation screen above. This contains some vital information about the vehicle you’ve hired and its location, so be sure to print it off if you can.  If you’re not able to print, don’t worry, you will also receive an email confirmation which will contain all the above info (as long as you have your notifications activated!).


If you plan to use more than the included 60 miles free per day, you can estimate your extra mileage charges from your confirmation page. Just click the 'details' link next to estimated cost:

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 reserving through the mobile app


To make bookings on the go a breeze, Zipcar has a free iPhone and Android app available which allows members to make and amend reservations, unlock and lock vehicles and even honk the horn!

Downloading the app is simple – just search for Zipcar in the App Store on your smart phone and install it or check out this page

Once the app is installed you’ll need to log in; use the same username and password which you use to sign into your Zipcar account online:

After logging in you will see that the app is split into three sections, Reserve, Drive and My Zipcar.

To make a reservation, select the 'Reserve' tab.

To reserve a car, start by searching for available vehicles.

Firstly, you will see the option to ‘Browse by Day’.  When turned on, this option will display dates in a calendar setting. 

Android             iOS

Much like the 'my time is flexible' tick box on the website, this will let you see availability of all vehicles in the area across the entire day.

When using this option, select your desired date or press the arrows to the left and right to scroll through more dates.

When browse by day is turned off, you will be able to search for cars by entering a start and end date and the specific times you want a car. Use this setting when you need a car for a specific time in a specific location.

Android             iOS

Simply tap on the arrow to the right of the start time and use the scroll wheels to make your date and time selection.

Once you’ve chosen your dates and times, enter the location you are searching from.

Your search will look for vehicles nearest your first preferred location by default (you can change this here).  You can search by address or postcode, see your most recent searches and use your phone’s GPS to find the nearest cars available to where you are right now.

To change these locations, just tap on the arrow to the right of ‘Location’ and select your desired search address, or type in the search box for a specific location or address.

You can find your current location via GPS by pressing the 'current location' button, just make sure you have GPS activated on your phone.

Lastly, if you want a specific type of vehicle just tap ‘Cars’ - from here you can select which make and model you'd like  


Selecting the ‘Model’ option at the bottom of the screen will show you specific vehicle models available and ‘Type’ will show you vehicles in groups, such as van, hatchback or luxury.

When you’ve made your selection go ahead and hit ‘Find cars!’


reserving a zipcar - your results

You will now see a list of all vehicles available for the time period selected, nearest available car first. 


You will see a breakdown of the vehicle type, its distance from your selected location and the availability surrounding your search criteria. Dark grey blocks are reserved or in the past, white blocks are unreserved and green blocks are your selection. By tapping a vehicle you can find out more about its details and location. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the area you can select ‘Map’. This will then load up a map, centred on your location. Zipcars that match your search criteria will be displayed as green zipcar pins. Cars that do not match your criteria, for instance that are unavailable for your search times, will be displayed as grey pins.


If you click on these pins, the location names will pop up; by selecting the arrow to the right you can view more information about this location, including parking information and the vehicles that live there.  



making your selection


When you've found your desired Zipcar, simply tap on that vehicle to see more detail including the name of the vehicle, the estimated cost of your booking and confirmation of your selected booking times.

If you tap on the arrow to the right of Estimated Cost, the app will show you a cost breakdown of your booking.


If you tap on the arrow to the right of the location of the Zipcar, it will show you the Parking Information.


If you’re happy with your Zipcar, click ‘Reserve’. 

You will then be taken to a final confirmation screen where you can add a reservation memo if you want to make a note about your booking. Finalise your selection by clicking ‘Yeah, Book It!’. 


From the reservation confirmation screen (above right) you can change or cancel your reservation if you change your mind.

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 making a reservation over the phone


You can make a reservation on the phone 24/7 365 days a year by calling 0333 240 9000. Phone calls to this number are charged at standard local rates.

You can either use the automated phone system or make the booking with a member services agent. The automated system is completely free whilst reserving with an agent carries an extra £2.95 booking fee. When you call through to member services, just follow the options as they are given or wait to speak to an agent.



using your registered mobile number


If you call member services on your registered mobile number it will be recognised by the system automatically. This means you will be able to make reports and change reservations easily and quickly when you're out on the road. If you call from a number not linked to a Zipcar account, you will be asked to enter your details into the system including your Zipcard number and date of birth. To avoid this use your registered number and make sure to update your account if it changes.

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