Frost & Sullivan has launched new research that provides a vision for car clubs in London.  The research was commissioned by Zipcar UK, the leading car club operator in the UK, shows that London has barely scratched the surface of the potential that car clubs could deliver and sets out how the growth of London’s car club market could be accelerated. Currently, London has the largest car club membership in Europe, with around 140,000 members, and the second largest globally.  Frost & Sullivan’s new research shows how the capital could become the world’s leading car club city.

Research highlights include:

  • Round-trip car clubs could become a mainstream part of London’s travel system by 2020;
  • Potential for 351,000 round-trip car club members in London by 2020 – 2.5 times the current market size; 
  • Delivering significant benefits to London through reductions in congestion, better air quality, and cost savings.

Mainstreaming round-trip car clubs would deliver significant benefits to London, enabling it to become a more liveable city – with safer streets and cleaner air, including:

  • 79,000 fewer cars on the road;
  • 650 million fewer miles driven;
  • Helping to meet London’s CO2 targets by reducing CO2 emissions by more than 150,000 tonnes (4% reduction);
  • Improving air quality by reducing PM10’s by 18 tonnes and NOX emissions by 432 tonnes (both 4.6% reduction);
  • Saving Londoners £238 million per annum;
  • And a £120.1 million per annum increase in GDP/productivity from reduced congestion on London’s roads.

Round-trip car clubs enable their members to ditch their car, save money and make smarter choices about their trips around London, more frequently choosing public transport, walking or cycling than the average Londoner.   

The research also forecasts the market potential for one-way car-sharing and sets out the possible impacts for the city of this type of service.

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