Local Motion By Zipcar

Local Motion by Zipcar

The latest car sharing technology for your fleet

Do more with your existing fleet

With our keyless access for drivers and web-based controls for fleet managers, our technology increases fleet utilisation and makes sharing between all your employees easier than ever before.

Local Motion will save you time and money

Local Motion is leading edge system that can turn any vehicle into a shared vehicle asset. With an innovative telematics device installed, drivers can unlock authorised vehicles with a simple tap. Fleet managers have complete control over the access and use of each vehicle, without the hassle of managing keys. 

Control your fleet like never before

With our cloud-based platform, get a bird’s eye view of all your vehicles to make on-the-ground decisions anytime, anywhere.

Lock and unlock remotely

Stranded outside a vehicle? Forgot to lock the car before you walked away? Simply lock or unlock the vehicle from the web. 

Control access

New driver? Activate a new badge in seconds. Lost badge? Deactivate it with just a click. Any change in restriction of a badge comes into effect immediately.

Handle maintenance with ease

Time for an oil change? Due for service? Schedule a block on the vehicle. Our system will automatically prevent driver access and reservations.

Keep tabs on your vehicles

With GPS tracking, vehicle status and detailed usage history, have all the information you need to stay on top of your fleet.

Get alerts that matter

From booking overflow to low 12V battery, you can manage your notification preferences and receive only the alerts you need.

Make Better Decisions

With Local Motion’s advanced analytics and reporting, you will have access to actionable data to make the right decisions for your fleet.

And it couldn't be easier for your colleagues

With local motion, all the hassle of shared vehicles is removed with one tap. To book you just...

1. Find a car

Using our website or mobile apps to locate a vehicle then simply book any available vehicle.

2. Unlock with your card

Each employee gets a dedicated card which unlocks all your vehicles. Simply tap and drive.

3. Drive

Once you're in, make your trip and return the vehicle back to its hub when you're done.

See how it works

Simple to use, easy to control.

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Your secret weapon in fleet management

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How does Local Motion improve efficiency?


Introducing Local Motion by Zipcar.

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