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get to know the spacious Ford Focus

opening up Once you've swiped into the car with your Zipcard or the mobile app, use the keys during your reservation. We don't really need to tell you, but press the open padlock button on the fob to unlock all the doors including the boot, and (surprise, surprise) press the locked padlock button to lock them all again. Once unlocked, open the boot by pushing the button on the underside of the boot lip, below the Ford Logo. To release the key push the button in the top left hand corner. To open the the bonnet use the lever found in the passenger's side footwell.

meet the fleet meet the fleet


getting started To get the engine going push the clutch all the way down whilst turning the key in the ignition.


steering lock Trying to turn the ignition but it won’t turn fully or connect? You’ll probably find the steering wheel lock is on. To release, give the wheel a firm wiggle from side to side whilst turning the key in the ignition.


fuel it up Push on the fuel flap and it will spring open. There's no fuel cap, just push the fuel nozzle in two clicks. Be sure to double check which type of fuel your Zipcar drinks before filling up (you’ll find this on your booking confirmation and/or a sticker on the fuel flap).

meet the fleet


for a rainy day You'll find the wiper controls on the right hand side lever off the steering wheel. The symbols on the stalk indicate how to operate the different settings. Tip: if the front wipers aren’t working, check that the bonnet is shut properly. If the rear wipers aren’t working, then it may be that the boot isn’t closed properly.

moving the mirrors Adjust your wingmirrors using the electric joystick on the driver’s door (next to the window operating buttons).

meet the fleet

dimensions The space in the boot is 102cm (W) x 83cm (D) x 46cm (H).


Got any more questions about the Ford Focus? Check your handy co-pilot found in your Zipcar’s glove compartment or give our friendly Member Services team a call on 0333 240 9000. Go on take him for a spin today.


meet the fleet