Questions about using Zipcar?

 Please contact Rachel Buck on x4963 or

Zipcar pilot scheme for Enfield Council employees

The Zipcar pilot scheme is open to a limited number of Enfield Council employees who work in Environment and Regeneration.

If you have not been invited to join the pilot, though you would like to use the car, then please contact Rachel Buck in Traffic and Transportation.

·         The Zipcar is a substitute for a pool car and provides staff with an alternative to using their own vehicle for work purposes.

·         It should only be used for site visits/meetings where public transport, walking or cycling are not available or realistic.

·         The car is paid for by the hour, so please consider the cost effectiveness of using the car before making a booking e.g. The cars should not be booked for trips where they will be parked unused for long durations during the booking.

·         The car should only be used to carry out work related tasks.



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