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Elderbrook is the brainchild of two ex-innocent drinks employees who have created a new breed of better-for-you cordial – with no refined sugar or artificial sweeteners, it is a healthier alternative to sugary or diet soft drinks. Once mixed with water each glass contains around 13 calories. This cordial, or ‘not squash’, is available in nine flavours each with its own illustrated bottle, including:


·         Lime, Mint & Baobab

·         Spanish Orange, Apricot & Goldenberry

·         Pomegranate, Cherry & Cardamom

·         Mango, Passion Fruit & Goji Berry

·         Blackcurrant, Blackberry & Mulberry

·         Honey Melon, Cucumber & Yerba Maté

·         Plum, Apple & Rosehip

·         Yuzu, Spanish Lemon & Lućuma 

·         Blood orange, Carrot & Macá


Elderbrook is available on a regular subscription or as a one off gift (or treat yourself). There’s no need to wait in since Elderbrook boxes fit through the letter box.

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