save £10 this weekend with the day trip rate

Introducing the Day Trip rate - helping you save when you drive at the weekend.

Simply book a Zipcar or Zipvan in London on a Saturday or Sunday, pick it up and drop it off on the same calendar day (e.g. reservations from midnight Saturday morning that end before midnight Saturday night), and save £10 on the usual daily rate.

So you could zip off bright and early at 6am in a Corsa, go for an invigorating hike in the country, drop the car off at 7pm and only pay £55! Or how about jumping in a Golf for a full day of getting lost in Ikea? Cart all those Villstads and Ekebodas back home for only £65.

Here's how you can save:

There's no need to call in to get this special deal - just book online or on the app as usual and we'll automatically charge you the lowest possible rate.



A-Zip of Zipcar

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