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Drive Zipcars and Zipvans near you by the hour

Zipcar have teamed up with Compare and Share to offer all customers £50 free driving when you join before the end of April*

Simply follow the instructions below:

1.       Join- apply via the link to the right, we’ll call you back to confirm your driving licence details, and once your application has been approved by the Zipcar team, you’re ready to go

2.       Reserve- book online, via our free app or over the phone

3.       Unlock- walk up to the vehicle, hold your Zipcard on the windscreen or use our free mobile app

4.       Drive- grab the keys from the glovebox and drive away, return back to the same space when you’re done- it’s that easy

Think Zipcar could help get your business moving? Join Zipcar for Business for free here.

*Annual membership is £59.50. Offer valid until 30th April 2014. Once you join, driving credit expires after 60 days.

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Join Now

Fill out the online application form, we’ll call you back to confirm your driving licence details and approve your account. 


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Is Zipcar for me?

The convenient alternative to car ownership or car hire.

Where can I find a car?

Zipcars are located in 1000s of convenient locations all around you!

There are lots of cars where you live and work.

How to reserve & unlock a Zipcar

Reserving and unlocking a Zipcar couldn't be easier.

Use our mobile app, our website or your Zipcard.