Zipcar Flex - Challenge London: Shaping a City Londoners Want

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how do we shape a city londoners want to live in?

Challenge London, The Leadenhall Building, July 5th 2017.

At Zipcar, we’re all about enabling simple and responsible urban living and that mission has never been more relevant than today. Shaping a city than citizens want to live, work and play in is not an easy question to answer. That's why we brought together experts from the world of urban planning to share the stage with us as we launched our new Zipcar Flex service in London.

We believe that Zipcar Flex, is going to take car sharing in London to the next level. Flex is a new one-way, drive and drop service, which gives Londoners even greater flexibility to get more out of their city and to travel around how they want to.

Innovations like Zipcar Flex though, when combined with our Roundtrip service, present a huge opportunity for London – a modern, positive, non-punitive way to meet city dwellers car needs at a fraction of the social and economic cost of the current model of car ownership. The opportunity to make car-sharing the natural, smart, choice for a modern, thriving city and deliver the end of the car as we know it.

what's the deal with zipcar flex?

  • Zipcar Flex is our new one-way, drive & drop service.
  • Members can drive 300 new VW Polos across the South London Zipzone for just 29p per minute.
  • Learn more about Zipcar Flex here.
  • The Zipzone is currently available across South London, including Wandsworth, Merton, Lambeth and Southwark
  • Flex is ideal for short errands and spontaneous one-way trips when a car just makes sense.


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Challenge London - Report Findings

Why Londoners’ relationship with their car needs to change dramatically

Image of Zipcar report

"Challenge London” - Independent Research

Commissioned for Zipcar UK by Vitreous World in May 2017

The way Londoners own and use cars needs to change dramatically in the next few years in order to make London more liveable and ensure it continues to prosper as a world-renowned city.

Zipcar UK commissioned research, Challenge London, provides a snapshot of 2,000 Londoners’ views and behaviours when it comes to living, working and getting around the capital. The research explored how this is likely to change taking into account key trends that will shape how Londoners travel around the capital, such as the sharing economy, and technology. The research also looked at Londoners’ concerns, and their solutions for making their city more liveable. Click the link below to read it now.