Cheap car sharing in Wandsworth & Putney – The Alternative to Car Hire

Cheap car sharing in Wandsworth & Putney – The Alternative to Car Hire

Bordering the southern side of the Thames, Wandsworth is one of London’s quieter boroughs giving visitors the chance to escape the bustle and noise on the other side of the river. With parks, theatres and markets, there’s plenty to do and see there. If you’re looking for the more relaxed side of London, Wandsworth is a great place to start.

Short term car hire can often be a stressful and time consuming process. Utilising a car club in Wandworth such as Zipcar can offer much more flexibility through car sharing, which can also sometimes be cheaper than other types of car rental and ownership

Where to rent a Zipcar

Zipcars are located all over Wandsworth which means you’re never further than a quick walk, short bus hop or tube journey away from a car share.

A walk in any direction from Putney station will get you to a Zipcar which makes it a great starting point for your day out. If you’re heading to Battersea, you can find a Zipcar just round the corner from the tube station or there’s one on the other side of Battersea Park if you’re after a picturesque walk before your drive. If you’re interested in the southern part of Wandsworth, there’s a Zipcar just down the road from Tooting station as well.
When you’ve decided on your journey, you can find the nearest Zipcar to your location by using our website or the app. You can then use them to book out your chosen vehicle and then all that’s left is to make your way to the car’s location and unlock the doors with either the app or your membership card. With insurance, fuel and congestion charges all included, you can get on your way with nothing to worry about.


Why Choose Zipcar

  • Zipcar is a car cub - the world's leading car club network currently operating in London, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge and Maidstone (and another 50+ cities across Europe and North America).
  • Joining Zipcar gives you access to the car or van you need when you need it, perfectly maintained but with none of the hassle or expense of ownership.
  • Zipcar is far simpler and more convenient than conventional car hire. Once a member, when you need a car, just choose your make and model from the great selection parked around your local area; get in and drive off.
  • "One Zipcar helps take 17 privately owned vehicles off the road in the UK."*
    *Source: Carplus Annual Survey of Car Clubs 2013/14 (London)

4 Simple Steps to Zipcar Freedom

4 Simple Steps to Zipcar Freedom

Things to do

Zipcar is the solution you need whenever something unexpected comes up or wanderlust takes over and you want to discover somewhere new. Our flexible and easy to use service means there’s minimal stress and cost. Why buy a car when you can have one as and when you need it for much less money?

Wandsworth has plenty of things to do if you’re considering a visit. Putney has lots on offer with a large selection of shops and restaurants to choose from - so a car trip down is definitely worth it. If you’re looking to do some shopping then Putney High Street has a great mix of independent shops and national retailers along with an Odeon cinema to see the latest blockbusters.

Battersea is home to the iconic Battersea Power Station which is a must see. There’s plenty of parking nearby, which is perfect as Battersea Park is a great place to enjoy a relaxed wander around to see the Fountain Lake and the London Peace Pagoda. In the centre of the park, there’s also the Pump House Gallery where you can satisfy your arty side completely for free, whilst on a Sunday you can fill your car up with some bargains from the nearby Battersea Boot sale.

There’s also a UK record breaker in Wandsworth. The New Covent Garden Market located in the north east of the borough is the largest wholesale fruit, vegetable and flower market in the country. Jump in a Zipcar and head down to see the market that is the ‘go to place’ for the London’s top 20 restaurants and then fill up your boot with a load of goodies from the gift stalls.

Balham is another local hive of activity, with its friendly, bustling and down-to-earth feel. With a farmer’s market on a Saturday and plenty of shops, cafés and restaurants, Balham is an excellent place to leave the car safely, and browse around at your leisure. It’s an underrated gem.

Getting further away from the city using a Zipcar is an excellent idea too. For example you could head south from Wandsworth for 50 minutes and reach the beautiful Farthing Downs. This green, open space will give you the chance to get some fresh air in what is the largest piece of semi-natural downland in Greater London. It’s perfect for a walks through ancient woodlands and fields – a relaxing way to spend a day.


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