Cheap car sharing in Haringey – The Alternative to Car Hire

Cheap car sharing in Haringey – The Alternative to Car Hire

Home to Tottenham Hotspur F.C., this borough already sees plenty of visitors every week. It’s not just good for a game of football though, it’s also home to the famous Alexandra Palace, and plenty of vibrant shops and restaurants to visit by car within its borders. The cheap car sharing in Haringey that we offer means you can explore the borough fully, trek around London, or escape the mayhem and head beyond the M25 whenever you like.

Zipcar offers both vans and cars to rent by the hour or day, so we can fit into whatever plans you might have in mind. It’s much simpler and more affordable than traditional car hire, especially as the vehicles are spread around the borough rather than in a single depot that’s difficult to reach. When it comes to either mundane chores or exciting trips, Zipcar’s car sharing club is the answer.

Where to rent a Zipcar

It’s not difficult to find a Zipcar to hire in Haringey as they’re placed all over the borough.

There’s plenty in every direction from Alexandra Palace station, with some on the other side of Alexandra Park meaning you can have a nice stroll before getting in your car and starting your journey. There’s a few more within walking distance of Wood Green tube station, while Hornsey station is also well served.

In the east of the borough, there’s plenty of Zipcars to choose from in the Seven Sisters and Tottenham Hale area too. Over in the west, there’s even more Zipcars around Highgate Wood and the local tube station.

Once you’ve got your journey in mind, you’ll want to know where the nearest Zipcar to you it. Simply log onto the website or app and all the information will be there. You can even have a look around at other locations in case there’s a car more to your liking. Once you’ve booked it out, you just make the short trip to the vehicle and unlock the doors with either your card or the app itself. And that’s it! We even include 60 miles, insurance costs, fuel, and congestion charges in the price.

Why Choose Zipcar

  • Zipcar is a car cub - the world's leading car club network currently operating in London, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge and Maidstone (and another 50+ cities across Europe and North America).
  • Joining Zipcar gives you access to the car or van you need when you need it, perfectly maintained but with none of the hassle or expense of ownership.
  • Zipcar is far simpler and more convenient than conventional car hire. Once a member, when you need a car, just choose your make and model from the great selection parked around your local area; get in and drive off.
  • "One Zipcar helps take 17 privately owned vehicles off the road in the UK."*
    *Source: Carplus Annual Survey of Car Clubs 2013/14 (London)

4 Simple Steps to Zipcar Freedom

4 Simple Steps to Zipcar Freedom

Things to do

This borough has plenty of things to visit by car if you’re looking for a decent day out. From the iconic Alexandra Palace to the Wood Green mall for shopping, you can always find something worth visiting or doing.

Of course, if you’ve joined our car club, why not escape Haringey for the day? London isn’t the be all and end all, so it’s always worth looking beyond the city.

For a start, you could head east for 50 minutes and arrive at Brentwood. Not only is this town perfect for a shopping visit and filling up the car, it’s also got its fair share of culture. Why not drive up, grab some lunch and the catch a play at the Brentwood Theatre? If you’re looking for something a bit more rural, there’s also the nearby Weald Country Park which is perfect for some fresh air and a picnic.

If you really want to experience some nature, you could drive down to the Rainham Marshes RSPB Nature Reserve on the banks of the Thames. Only 45 minutes away, here you can be on the lookout for some exciting wildlife you won’t see in the city, or simply enjoy a relaxed wander away from the hustle and bustle of London.


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