Cheap car sharing in Hammersmith and Fulham – The Alternative to Car Hire

Cheap car sharing in Hammersmith and Fulham – The Alternative to Car Hire

Home to football teams such as Chelsea and Queens Park Rangers, Hammersmith and Fulham already gets their fair share of visitors on match days. That doesn’t mean this borough north of the river is only for sporting types though. With plenty of green spaces, cafes, and music venues, there’s a huge list of place to visit by car. Car sharing in Hammersmith and Fulham gives you the best option for not only doing that, but to head out from the city and explore what the rest of the country has to offer.

Zipcar’s car club is the ultimate alternative to traditional car hire. You can get a van or car by the hour or by the day meaning we can be as flexible as you need to be. So whether it’s an everyday task or a three day trip into the country, Zipcar enables you to do what you want without the cost and hassle of regular car hiring or owning your own vehicle.

Where to rent a Zipcar

It’s simple to find a Zipcar in Hammersmith and Fulham. There are plenty near Fulham Broadway and Parsons Green stations, meaning you won’t have to walk far to reach your chosen car. There are also clusters of cars around West Brompton and West Kensington stations, as well as throughout the surrounding neighbourhoods. Further north and there are Zipcars within walking distance of both Hammersmith and Shepherd’s Bush stations.

To find the closest Zipcar just log on to the website or app and then choose the vehicle you want and book it. Then all you need to do is get to the car and use your membership card to unlock the doors and get on your way. Insurance and any congestion charges are included in the price and you also get 60 miles of travel too.

Why Choose Zipcar

  • Zipcar is a car cub - the world's leading car club network currently operating in London, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge and Maidstone (and another 50+ cities across Europe and North America).
  • Joining Zipcar gives you access to the car or van you need when you need it, perfectly maintained but with none of the hassle or expense of ownership.
  • Zipcar is far simpler and more convenient than conventional car hire. Once a member, when you need a car, just choose your make and model from the great selection parked around your local area; get in and drive off.
  • "One Zipcar helps take 17 privately owned vehicles off the road in the UK."*
    *Source: Carplus Annual Survey of Car Clubs 2013/14 (London)

4 Simple Steps to Zipcar Freedom

4 Simple Steps to Zipcar Freedom

Things to do

You can’t deny the freedom that having access to a car gives you, but Zipcar proves you don’t have to own one to reap those benefits. Our car sharing club means you get all the positives of ownership without the negatives. This means you’ll have peace of mind whether you’re picking up the kids from school or discovering somewhere new to visit.

Being fairly central it’s no surprise Hammersmith and Fulham has a lot to offer. For a start there is Shepherd’s Bush Market which runs every day except Sundays. You can park up here and fill your car with bargains from the myriad of stalls selling fresh food, housewares, clothes and sari fabrics.

If you enjoy music then there are two great venues you could drive to, the Hammersmith Apollo and Shepherd’s Bush Empire which both play host to some of the biggest names in the music business. Be sure to check out their listings to see if there is something on that’s to your taste. Of course if there’s not anything you like there are plenty of smaller venues in the borough too. Be sure to investigate Brook’s Blues Bar and Under the Bridge for something a bit more leftfield.

You might be looking for some history and culture. If so then Fulham Palace is the perfect place to go. With ample parking nearby it’s a convenient place to visit. Along with a museum and beautiful garden there’s an ever-changing list of events and exhibitions meaning you should be able to find something for everyone to enjoy.

If you want to escape the city for day, the Chilterns is just a drive away to the east. This area of outstanding natural beauty is perfect for a refreshing country walk and if you’re lucky you might even spot a red kite. In the south of the Chilterns is Greys Court, a Tudor manor house with a series of tranquil walled gardens nestled among medieval ruins.

For families, the Roald Dahl museum further north makes for a fun yet educational day out, complete with an interactive story centre designed for children, as well as chance to see where he wrote his famous novels.

Use Zipcar’s car club to enjoy the opportunity owning a car or van gives you, while eschewing all the hassle and bother.


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0333 240 9000