Cheap car sharing in Croydon – The Alternative to Car Hire

Cheap car sharing in Croydon – The Alternative to Car Hire

A bustling, diverse place and home to some of the best shopping in the country, Croydon - AKA “Gateway to the South”. Yes, it’s a great place to begin a trip to the South coast in Brighton for a potter on the pier or around the South Downs, perhaps across to the stunning Surrey countryside or even up into the bright lights of the big City. In fact, car sharing in Croydon gives you easy access in every direction to some of the best places to visit in Britain.

Driving cars and vans by the hour or day with short term car rental in Croydon is the low cost, convenient solution. It’s a cheaper and easier alternative to traditional car hire and can help you ‘get it done’ with all kinds of everyday tasks, like shopping, visiting friends and family or hauling furniture from Ikea - but without the expense, hassle or carbon footprint of owning a car yourself.

Where to rent a Zipcar

Zipcars are dotted all around central Croydon, so you're never further than a short tram, train or walk from your nearest car share hot spot.

If you're in Shirley the nearest Zipcar is just a short hop to Addiscombe. From Purley, a trip up Brighton Road to the mainline stations will give you plenty of car sharing options. A couple of stops from Coulsdon – up to Wallington or East/South Croydon – will take you to your nearest car. From Thornton Heath there are cars on the way into the centre – on Thornton Road, Crossland Road and Whitehorse Road.

Locating your nearest Zipcar is simple, just use the app or website to search and book your nearest cars. Your Zipcard or the app magically unlocks and locks all our cars so don’t leave home without it….. We throw in all the necessities – so fuel, insurance and congestion charge plus 60 miles are all included. Of course, if you do visit Ikea, the meatballs are on you. When you are done, just return the car to where you picked it up from and forget all about it!

Why Choose Zipcar

  • Zipcar is a car cub - the world's leading car club network currently operating in London, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge and Maidstone (and another 50+ cities across Europe and North America).
  • Joining Zipcar gives you access to the car or van you need when you need it, perfectly maintained but with none of the hassle or expense of ownership.
  • Zipcar is far simpler and more convenient than conventional car hire. Once a member, when you need a car, just choose your make and model from the great selection parked around your local area; get in and drive off.
  • "One Zipcar helps take 17 privately owned vehicles off the road in the UK."*
    *Source: Carplus Annual Survey of Car Clubs 2013/14 (London)

4 Simple Steps to Zipcar Freedom

4 Simple Steps to Zipcar Freedom

Things to do

Popping out to the shops, picking up the kids from a party, dropping off loved ones at the airport sometimes you just need a car, but the expense, emissions and taxes of owning a car don’t always add up. If you’re only an occasional driver, using a car club like Zipcar makes sense: It’s cheaper and more convenient than owning a car.

Zipcars (and the several van options available) are perfect for transporting furniture from Ikea when you can't stay in all day for delivery. Take away the stress of hauling numerous bags on the tram or bus after the weekend shopping trip to The Whitgift Centre or Central. Be a hero and pick up friends flying into Gatwick, or pay a visit to the family without suffering freezing platforms, over-crowded trains or replacement buses on a Sunday.

Why not use a Zipcar to explore the surrounding area? Visit Hampton Court Palace, Hatchlands Park near Guildford and other similar historical gems from the National Trust. Get to know the Surrey Hills, an “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty” or Chessington World of Adventures which is only half an hour away by car.

Zipcar is for all the things that having a car makes pleasurable, rather than a hassle, but without the responsibility or environmental impact of owning one.


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