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We’re very excited to announce the evolution of our City Class vehicles into the even lower priced Pay-Per-Mile vehicles.

Designed specifically for short trips around town, Pay-Per-Mile is now  £3.50 cheaper than our standard cars – with fuel, Congestion Charge still included. A mileage charge of 24p per mile will apply from mile 1. 

We've also lowered the weekday rate for these Pay-Per-Mile vehicles from £34.83 to just £27.50 for 24 hours with a mileage charge of 24p from mile 1 that's £26.67 cheaper than our hourly rates!

Pay-Per-Mile vehicles will be available at £3.33 per hour at the weekend with no day rate available, ensuring availability for short trips.

The eco-friendly Toyota Yaris and stylish Ford Fiesta are fronting the team across London and are at the ready for only £2.50 per hour and 24p per mile. Whether you’re visiting a client or making deliveries Pay-Per-Mile cars are here to make life that little bit easier (and even cheaper). 

There's no need to call us to get these great new rates, to find your nearest Pay-Per-Mile vehicle simply select Pay-Per-Mile within the model type.  


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*All rates quoted are excluding VAT. Pay-Per-Mile rates start from £2.50/hr ex VAT on weekdays and increase to £3.33/hr ex VAT on weekends. That's £3/hr inc VAT on weekdays and £4/hr inc VAT on weekends. £33 day rate (inc VAT) applies to reservations between 9 and 24 hours long which take place during the week (Monday to Friday). Pay-Per-Mile vehicles are hourly only at weekends (no daily rate applies) and are not eligible for multi-day or 7-7 rate discounts. Pay-Per-Mile vehicles do not include mileage within the hourly rate and will incur a mileage charge of 29p per mile from mile 1. Zipcar for Business members are not eligible for a 5% discount on the Pay-Per-Mile hourly rates.

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