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Need a vehicle to travel to a meeting, for a site visit or to transport equipment? Leave your car at home and use the Council’s Zipcars!


How do Haringey Council employees use Zipcar?

Haringey Council have set up a Zipcar account to enable employees to use cars and vans whenever needed for work purposes. Reservations can be made for as little as 1 hour to as long as 1 week- however long you need!

Where are the vehicles?

Staff will have access to 2 Ultra Low Emission plug in electric hybrid vehicles, parked in dedicated spaces in River Park Road, behind Alex House/RPH. These vehicles will have borough wide CPZ parking permits. In addition, Haringey Council employees will also have access to the existing network of Zipcar vehicles located across Haringey and London. With over 1,500 cars and vans all around London (as well as further vehicles in other UK locations) you’re usually only a short walk away from a Zipcar.

Which vehicles are available?

We have a wide range of vehicles to suit all needs- Prius Plug-ins and Golfs to travel to meetings, 7 seater Ford C-Max's if you’re travelling in a group, vans to transport equipment…

Zipcar will also be providing Haringey Council with 2 Toyota Prius Plug-ins at Haringey Civic Centre from the 30th of May 2016. Being both a hybrid and an electric car, the Prius Plug-in delivers unbelievably good fuel economy and ultra-low CO2 emissions.

Why do employees use Zipcar?

17 Councils and +2,000 Council employees use Zipcar and tell us that they love the service as:

  • Using the service is quick and easy, eliminating the usual hassle associated with arranging vehicles- simply book, unlock and drive
  • Vehicles can be used within seconds - enabling short notice meetings and site visits
  • Using Zipcar saves time - no need to calculate mileage, no need to complete expense forms
  • Using Zipcar eliminates cost and time spent finding a parking space - each Zipcar has its own bay
  • Using Zipcar enables employees to leave their own cars at home and take the train to work, reducing depreciation of their own vehicle and avoiding rush hour traffic jams, whilst still having access to a vehicle when needed during the day

What do Haringey employees need before registering?

Internal approval - The employee will need internall approval from their Manager. A Departmental Cost code is required.

License details - Once the employee has completed registration via the Haringey platform page, Zipcar will call to activate your access and complete a license check, allowing you to use Zipcar vehicles for work related journeys. The License check process can be sped up by calling the New Members team on 02030047816.

How do I use a vehicle?

1.       Join- apply online, we’ll call you back to confirm your driving license details and once your application has been approved by the Haringey team, you’re ready to go

2.       Reserve- book online, via our free app or over the phone any time

3.       Unlock- walk up to the vehicle, hold your Zipcard on the windscreen, tap your app or give us a call on 0333 240 9000

4.       Drive- grab the keys from the glove box and drive away, returning back to the same space when you’re done- it’s that simple!

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Register now

Fill out the online application form, and we’ll call you back to confirm your driving license details. If you’re already a Zipcar member, simply give Zipcar’s New Members team a call on 020 3004 7815.


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Would Zipcar also be useful for work?

Thousands of employees from 17 Councils use Zipcar for work due to the time and hassle we save- why not join them?

Simply email with your name, department and phone number and we’ll give you a ring back to register you.

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