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What do cargo bikes, low emission taxis, electric vehicles & Zipcar have in common? They’re all part of ZEN Shoreditch’s initiative to make this vibrant area of East London a cleaner, safer and easier place to work and do business.

ZEN doesn’t just reflect the state of peace one can achieve by taking part in this scheme, but stands for the Zero Emissions Network – Hackney Council’s project funded by the GLA to encourage local businesses to think about and reduce their carbon emissions. By encouraging them to adopt ‘greener and cleaner’ transport options, cut waste and get recycling, ZEN hopes to improve local air quality and help businesses save money.

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Since  launching in 2013, over 70 businesses have registered with ZEN, taking part in a wide range of the project’s free trials and offers. Organisations such as Forum for the Future have switched to using Ecoigo hybrid taxis, Stream Lining Ltd has taken part in a free 2 week cargo bike trial, and Inmarsat has hosted a free Cycle Safety Seminar to get its employees out on their bikes under the Government-backed Cycle to Work scheme. Throw in free trials of electric vehicles like the Peugeot iOn and there’s plenty of green ways for these businesses to get around.

Cargo Bike (c) ZEN Shoreditch

Zipcar has partnered with ZEN Shoreditch to introduce the idea of car clubs to Shoreditch businesses, where we have over 30 cars for hourly use with fuel, congestion & insurance included. By using a car club, businesses can not only reduce congestion on our roads and cut overall carbon emissions, but they also have the potential to save thousands of pounds a year – not to mention lots of hassle. To get things started, we’re offering a free two hour test drive of one of our Zipcars, along with a free first year Zipcar membership and £60 driving credit. Oh, and if that wasn't enough, we'll offset the cost of adding any new drivers to your account with free driving credit. If you’re a Shoreditch business that could do with a cheap, sustainable & convenient transport solution, sign up now here. And you’ll also be doing your bit to improve air quality in Shoreditch for everyone that lives and works there.

Zipcar for Business (c) Zipcar UK

Not only are local businesses encouraged to adopt these alternatives, more sustainable forms of transport for employees, clients and deliveries, but there’s also a large focus on cutting emissions (and costs!) closer to home. Free energy audits and waste reduction schemes have helped local businesses save hundreds of pounds so far, by focusing on reducing energy use through heating, lighting, air conditioning and water.

Does the ZEN project sound good to you? Let us know in the comments below, or sign up here.

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