With so much great tech innovation happening around the globe, sometimes it's easy to forget to look right on your doorstep. Zipcar's own HQ is nestled right in the heart of Wimbledon, and we recently stumbled upon Wimbledon's brand new Tech Campus, aka 'Wimbletech'. It's a home for local startups, a garage for Hackathons and above all, an innovation hub for the London Borough of Merton. Our very own Will spoke to Wimbletech's Founder David and found out a little more about this slice of startup paradise.

'Will: Explain a bit about Tech Campus what it is and who your target audience is? 

David: The Wimbledon Tech Campus (WTC) is a cost effective, co-working space for startup entrepreneurs. Supported by Merton Council, Merton Chamber of Commerce, Love Wimbledon and connected to the London Startup Scene, the WTC aims to provide a great ecosystem within which startups can startup.. grow legs and stand up! You might be a mum looking to start an online business, a graduate setting up your first business, or someone wanting to launch a new app – having a cost effective, supportive local tech campus could be the answer. You may even be a Designer or Developer looking to help others with your skills and develop your business – if you are any of these, please get in touch – together we’re stronger! 

Wimbletech Hackathon

Will: When did you first come up with the idea for Tech Campus and how did it come about? 

David: Whilst working in between local coffee shops in Wimbledon in November - I was struggling to get a good wifi connection, access to power and was in need of an alternative to travelling across to North London to be part of the startup scene... 

Will: Do you live locally to Wimbledon? 

David: Yes - and I love the energy of the town and people... all the right ingredients for the WTC! 

Will: Why did you choose to hold Tech Campus in Wimbledon Library? 

David: Great location plus libraries are great centres for learning, education and development. With plenty of resources to hand, I think that offering an 'innovation' layer over the top of existing services is a great fit and value add to the community. Anthony (Head of Library Services) and the rest of the Merton Library Services team and staff were and still are being incredibly supportive. I am a big believer in partnerships and I think this by working closely together we can really help each other :)'

Are you a local Wimbledon startup or independent business, looking to learn and grow, relocate to a new home in the heart of Wimbledon or meet up with other likeminded individuals? Head over to Wimbletech to find out more! Better yet, Zipcar and Wimbletech have teamed up to provide Wimbletech members a free year of membership to Zipcar, for hourly access to cars and vans across London to help get your business moving. Click here to find out more. 

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