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We’re chuffed to announce that Zipcar has renewed its contract with Westminster City Council for another two years, extending the successful Westminster Car Club scheme and giving great driving benefits to local residents and businesses.

Under the Westminster scheme, local residents can join Zipcar at a discounted rate of £25 for their first year, and there are also discounts available for Westminster businesses. In addition, each Zipcar hire made under the scheme also includes one hour’s free parking in Westminster. With all the other lovely Zipcar benefits also included (like insurance, the congestion charge and 40 free miles of fuel a day), the scheme is a great alternative to car ownership for many city drivers.

It also means people can do their bit for the environment too and help take cars off the road, lessening congestion and reducing carbon emissions. Independent data shows that 39% of Westminster Car Club members have sold at least one private vehicle since joining the scheme, with an additional 32% deferring purchase of a new vehicle. (Source: CarPlus, December 2012). And with around 9,500 members currently, this means more than 6,300 vehicles are estimated to have been taken off road through sale or deferred purchase – a win for the local environment and of course, a great cost-saving measure for local residents and businesses.

If you’re a Westminster resident or local business, what are you waiting for? Sign up here and start Zipping today!


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