Image of Sarah from Hunk at the Startup Showcase
No doubt you’ve probably heard a lot about startups, entrepreneurs and SMEs; if not from the mouths of government ministers then definitely in the press. In the words of Ron Burgundy, they’re ‘kind of a big deal’. We tend to agree with Mr Burgundy, hence why we're kicking off a series of blog posts celebrating startups and the entrepreneurs behind them. We start right here with a look at an interesting outfit headed up by an ex-Dragon...

Earlier this year, Zipcar partnered up with the School for Creative Startups (S4CS), an organisation that works with the UK’s next generation of budding entrepreneurs. Their innovative programme aims to nurture ideas and impart practical advice to their students, in addition to providing training and mentorship from experienced industry professionals. Doug Richard, once of Dragon's Den and founder of the School for Creative Startups, suggests that the future for entrepreneurs in Britain is bright;
“The UK is one of the greatest creative exporters in the world.  We punch so far beyond our weight it’s almost hard to measure.  There is something very special about Great Britain when it comes to creativity, so my goal is to keep [startups] alive long enough until they can keep themselves alive.”
 Doug Richard at the Startup Showcase, Somerset House  The Zipcar crew filming at the Startup Showcase, Somerset House  
By supporting new businesses during their foundational stages, programme director Medeia Cohan, sets a simple mission for the School of Creative Startups, “we're a facilitator: we help people realise their dreams by helping them grow viable businesses built upon their creative talents.”
Startups and small businesses will continue to play an important role in securing a successful economic recovery, so over the coming weeks, we’re going to be celebrating some of the great ideas that came out of the Startup Showcase. To get a flavour for what the event was all about check out our 'sizzle reel' below, featuring Doug and Mediea from S4CS and our very own Mark Walker, General Manager for Zipcar UK.
Zipcar for Business at the Startup Showcase

Keep your eye on the Zipcar blog for more startup videos and make sure you share the ideas you like best!
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