Wandle trust cleaning a river

Did you know that there are now over 8,000 companies, charities and organisations using Zipcar across London and the UK?  Well, with the launch of the Zipcar Blog, our Zipcar for Business team decided to seize the day and the Spotlight on a Business feature was born.

map of river wandle

For our first post we'd like to introduce our good friends at The Wandle Trust.  Now for those who got the reference in the headline, linking this organisation to the Wombles of Wimbledon Common was by no means an accident:

1.) A river runs through it.  Trustee Erica Evans explains 'the River Wandle is a unique South London chalk stream which flows north from Croydon and Carshalton, to join the Thames at Wandsworth' – it cuts right through the Wombles’ home in the London Borough of Merton! 

2.) Much like The Wombles, The Wandle Trust is committed to keeping their river clear of pollution and rubbish.  Being an environmental charity, they have a team of volunteers that literally dive in and pull out everything from shopping trollies to motorbikes.

3.) The director of The Wandle Trust is none other than Uncle Bulgaria*.


As well as our trusty Zipvans helping with the heavy lifting every second Sunday when the trust hold community river clean-ups, the Zipcar for Business team have even be known to head down there to get their hands dirty.  See how that day went here.

Deadlifting a lamp post

A zipvan at work












Erica and the team are always looking for more supporters to help them achieve their goal of returning the River Wandle back to its former glory.  Learn more about how to get involved with this great charity here.

If you’d like to suggest an organisation, who already uses Zipcar, that you think should feature in the next Spotlight on a Business, use the handy comments section below.

* Of course this isn't true. The Wombles don't really exist...or do they?


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