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We work with heaps of smart businesses (and I mean smart, aside from their use of Zipcar). Whilst our members are already saving time and money on their transport, we got thinking about the other ways today’s entrepeneurs are setting up their businesses for success. Tough economic times have produced a breed of innovators who are throwing out the ‘traditional’ ways of doing business, and re-defining the business landscape of tomorrow. Every day, we hear stories from our members that are challenging the incumbents in their sectors, by combining innovation, agility with a collaborative approach.

Always one to lend a hand, the team at Zipcar decided to dig deeper. We teamed up with Start Up Britain, Ashridge Business School, and a handful of London’s leading start-ups to uncover the common traits of successful start-ups.  We surveyed over 1,000 businesses, drank bottomless cups of coffee in focus groups with leading start-ups and after a few (rather painful) hours of crunching data, we are proud to introduce ‘The Smarter Business Blueprint’, an interactive report and online hub filled with heaps of hints and tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Have a root around, and let us know your thoughts. What do you think is the key to success as a start-up?

Here’s our General Manager, Mark Walker, talking a little bit more about our research and our inspiration behind it.


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