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These days, it's not all about ownership. In fact, many of us are shrugging off those financial burdens and complexity by opting for access and its comparative simplicity instead. We spoke to Sam Hall of RentMoola, a new platform that rewards renting, and got his idea on exactly what RGeneration is all about.


"We are not our parents’ generation. Something of a truism perhaps, but nevertheless, RGeneration has seen fundamental shift after fundamental shift in the way we live our lives. We are driven by experiences, connected by tech and empowered by innovative products that have re-defined our cultural context.
We are questioning, demanding, and thanks to our phones, apps and smart watches, we are the best informed and most frequently updated demographic in history. This all means that we are acutely aware of what is available to us both at home and abroad. The fact that what is available has become more and more attainable as the world becomes smaller means that RGeneration are a group of people defined by our aspiration. 
We expect practical solutions and efficiency, and we expect instant access online. We expect it because we’re accustomed to it, and consequently we’ve become adept at recognising the types of product and services that make our lives easier and more rewarding.
Add to that the fact that for RGeneration, making the most of our opportunities and chasing personal fulfillment is everything. Not convinced? Then keep an eye out for a FOMO or YOLO trucker cap next time you’re in Covent Garden or Clapham Common. Doubtless those two sentiments have been beaten to death over the last couple of years, but there’s a reason they got a lot of traction. They go to the experiential focus of RGeneration. 
We value our experiences and we’re evidently very proud of them. Why else have the likes of Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter made such a striking mark on our cultural landscape. We curate our online profiles because it is our experiences that define us. Who are the more interesting people? The guys with all of the assets or the guys with all of the experiences? We want to be inspired and it’s our experiences that inspire us.
This enterprising, ambitious streak, combined with a desire to live life now and grasp opportunities with both hands, has fuelled an organic shift in the importance of assets to R Generation. Our preoccupation with gaining (or worse, hoarding) assets continues to diminish, and this change in attitude is one of the more salient indicators of the millenials’ status quo.
The old formula – get a job, save some money, buy a car, buy a house – doesn’t work anymore. Why? Because it’s no longer relevant – car ownership is expensive and restrictive; home ownership is largely unattainable for RGeneration. More than a third of England’s home owners are older than 65, and the projected age that an average Londoner will buy their first house is 52. Neither of these things fit with our internationally mobile attitude and our ever-changing social circumstances. This is a world where international travel and professional opportunity has become as slick and easy as booking a Zipcar or paying your rent online with RentMoola
If you wanted to, you could pack up in London today and start work in New York or Hong Kong tomorrow morning. You haven’t left anyone behind – we’re all there with you on FaceTime and Hangout! And no longer do you have the problem of not knowing anyone when you land – you’ve got Tinder! We’re not in the market for a car and a mortgage, because we no longer need them; we need a GoPro, Google Glass and a ticket to Burning Man.
'But what about me, I’m happy in London!' shriek the cautious Carolines and the old-fashioned Olivers. Well that’s great! But asset ownership is still not the right option. There are more interesting options now, and smarter options in so many cases. Why buy a car when it’s cheaper, greener and more practical to use a Zipcar? The lifestyles led by many of RGeneration don’t lend themselves to car ownership. We’re working in crowded cities with well-established transport links and our need for ownership of cars and vans has changed. On-demand access via the online Zipcar portal is a better solution – it’s a smarter lifestyle choice.
The same is true of rental payments. We’re used to paying for our rent by direct debit or standing order. But why not with credit cards? Why aren’t we able to take advantage of our air miles programmes, our cashback cards or any of our other rewards credit cards? Rent is our biggest monthly expense, so why not take advantage of that fact by linking it to a rewards programme – it’s an obvious win. 
RentMoola recognises that rent is dead money, but refuses to accept that it should be. The smarter option is to get rewarded for making rent payments, and RentMoola uses are able to do so due to the MoolaPerks programme. This allows users to benefit from deals with other brands working to assist RGeneration live smarter lifestyles. The cultural shift experienced by RGeneration has engendered a new set of needs – brands like RentMoola and Zipcar are leading the way in bringing our everyday services in line with our lifestyles and expectations, and we’re doing it in a way that makes living cheaper and more rewarding for RGeneration. 
We know that there is more to life than asset ownership, and we know that expectations have altered. We want to rent and travel the way we live the rest of our lives: inspired"
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