Prufrock Coffee, London

Andy Ashburner is the founder of London-based Pindrop App, a mobile app for collating your favourite places around the world, sharing them with friends or discovering curated lists from people you might like. Read on to find out more about Pindrop and Andy's favourite spots in London.

Tell us about Pindrop App – what does it do? And where did the idea come from?

Pin Drop allows users to curate private collections of places and things (pins) on a map. There’s really no limitations to ways it can be used, we wanted it to be a blank canvas. The original idea stemmed from the limitations with Google maps.

The Square Bar at Shoreditch House

How has the user response been to the application – how many users do you have and what is their typical pattern of use?

We’ve seen such an incredible diversity of use with our audience (currently a few hundred thousand). Lots of people use it to manage their favourite hangouts and places to remember through to businesses and charities using it around the world in really incredible ways.

How many points of interest do you currently have around the world? Do you tend to see an urban focus, or is there a general spread?

Flat Planet, Soho © Nicky O'Del

General mobile use means that cities around the world are saturated with pins dropped by our users but we’ve seen pins dropped in the most remote places on the planet.

As a Londoner, what makes the city so special to you – you’re based in the throbbing heart of Shoreditch – how have you seen it change?

London’s evolving the entire time, something that stops it from ever getting boring. Shoreditch is a case in point, when I first worked here 12 years ago it was a very different place from what it is today.

Prufrock, Shoreditch © Micha Theiner

Where do you like to hang out?

I seem to find myself hanging out at the same places the whole time! I love to spend time in Shoreditch, Soho and closer to home in south London.

Favourite Shoreditch hangouts are Shoreditch House, Calooh Callay and Bar Kick. If I’m in need of a caffeine fix I’ll head to Prufrock or Fix.

A guilty pleasure of mine is the Buena Vista Cafe in Clapham. It’s an awesome little place that serves (without a doubt) the best Mojito I’ve ever tasted (and I’ve tasted a few)! Another south London favourite would be Powder keg Diplomacy, an awesome little bar near Clapham Junction.

Favourite foodie spots around town: Flat Planet (Soho), Wahaca (Soho), Nobu (Mayfair), St John’s Tavern (Archway), The Wright Brothers (Borough), Hawksmoor (Spitalfields), Pizza East (Shoreditch), Byron (Hoxton) and The Bull & Last (Highgate).

The Wright Brothers, Borough

Do you ever get out of London at weekends? If so, where do you head to?

I really am a Londoner at heart so love to spend my time in London and actually enjoy it rather than running between meetings like I normally do during the week.

If we venture out of town it will be to friends in the outskirts of London or family north of London and Sussex.

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