When coffee is fresh, it tastes better. A lot better. That’s the whole reason that the folks over at Pact Coffee do what they do. They’re a small bunch but, when it comes to getting coffee right, they really mean business.

Did you know that supermarket coffee spends about 40 days sitting around, just twiddling its thumbs, before it gets to you? By contrast, Pact Coffee is sent out to customers within a week of being roasted, which makes all the difference. The team at Pact (and their customers) think it’s a difference you can taste.


Want to see if you can taste the difference?

We’ve managed to bag you a voucher code to enable you to try a bag of Pact Coffee (which is usually £6.95) for just £1, including P&P.

Simply use the exclusive voucher code ZIPBLOG at pactcoffee.com and terrific coffee will land on your doormat before you can say “I wonder when that Pact Coffee delivery will arrive…?”

Time to take a trip...

When signing up for Pact Coffee deliveries, you can activate what they fondly refer to as ‘The Randomiser’, which selects a new coffee for you for each delivery.

This enables you to explore the whole world of coffee from the comfort of your home. And it’s quite a ride. At any one time they have at least five different coffees on the ever-changing menu. To give you a feel for what’s on offer, they’ve currently got the silky Tanzanian, Nyoni Peaberry and a full, dark chocolatey Brazilian called Capim Branco.


Eat, drink and be buzzing.

As well as being wonderful to drink, Pact Coffee is also excellent as an ingredient for creating culinary delights. To that end they’ve recommended this recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake (with Pact Coffee icing), which is so simple that you can bake it in a mug, in a microwave….


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