Sure Zipcar does a smashing job of getting you from A to B, but did you know you can get more out of Zipcar than just cars and vans near you by the hour?

For example, that Zipcard in your wallet also unlocks discounts on products and places you love. From fresh coffee at your door from Pact to award-winning skincare from Bulldog, and the offers are constantly being updated. Plus if you’re visiting another Zipcar city you can access discounts there too (not just their Zipcars!). Check them all out here.

Fancy earning a little extra cash to fund your Zipcar adventures? Why not fill your Zipcar with your unwanted belongings and head to one of London’s many car boot sales. Going on a long trip? Why not find a paying companion on a ride share?

You can also earn endless free driving just by telling your friends and business contacts about Zipcar. Refer your friends to Zipcar and split £25 free driving each (or be their best friend and give the full £50 to them), when they join. Or refer your business contacts to Zipcar for Business and get a massive £75 free driving, just for you, when they sign up and add two drivers – we’ll even waive their first year’s membership fee (worth £99 exc. VAT), just to sweeten the deal.

Referred all your address book, but you’re after more free driving? Not to worry, you can add Zipcar driving credit to your birthday, Christmas, Eid, Easter, Festivus, a Tuesday, wish list with the Gift of Zip. You can also give Zipcar membership and driving here too, so you’ll never have to give a bad gift again!

What’s more we’re always giving free driving and other cool prizes away in our weekly e-newsletter and on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you’re signed up for our e-newsletter here.

But of course we know you want more than just free stuff. Follow us online and be up to date with all things Zipcar, get 24/7 member support on Facebook and Twitter, or simply join in some banter with the Zipcar team and fellow members.

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