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Meet Mark, aka MarkyMarket. He runs a food delivery business that utilizes the unique benefits of Zipcar to deliver (excuse the pun) the best possible service he can. Being able to take a car at any time, hassle free, is how Mark gets the freshest meat delivered right to your door.

At around 4am, while we’re tucked up in bed dreading that fateful sound of our alarm, Mark has already zipped out to where the wild things are* and is picking up the fresh market produce to deliver right to your doorstep.

Mark’s business is an example of how you can use a Zipcar for Business account every day to get ahead. Mark doesn’t carry stock; instead he tells us that “I buy to order - you tell me what you want, I'll find it and deliver it to you as soon as I can.” As well as this ensuring his customers know that his produce is as fresh as possible, it also means that he needs to make journeys on demand. That’s where Zipcar comes in. By using our app, Mark can receive an order and book a car nearby all in the space of 5 minutes. And as Mark explains in those unpredictable moments when trips to the market take that bit longer, “I get an alert from you guys, just text 'extend 30mins' and I'm sorted.”

Let’s take a look back to the beginning. Mark made the trip down to the big smoke from Liverpool in 1984, and before he was our man at the market he worked in advertising. However, sometimes life throws us a curveball, which, in this case, was the recession. Mark had always been interested in food, and the recession made advertising work hard to come by, which lead him to take his next life step. With a few friends in the restaurant business, notably Dave Orlowski and Johnnie Mountain, Mark began to go to Smithfield and Billingsgate to help them out with picking up their stock, and have a look around. He soon realised he was among the best retail butchers in town, and that nothing was stopping him from buying the exact same meat and fish as them.

The idea, like in most cases, was the easy part – now he had to spread the word and start finding customers to deliver this produce to. He told us that “Getting the word out was a matter of using every free social media platform I could. Emails, Facebook but especially Twitter were all indispensable.” Taking orders through these platforms and delivering the freshest possible product directly to his customers, as well as never holding stock began to earn Mark the reputation he now has, as a consistent and reliable deliverer of fresh meat.

At Zipcar, we’re proud to be able to help people like Mark every day. Using our service is an easy way to get ahead, with Mark telling us that “I just couldn't do what I do without Zipcar. Having been made redundant, I had virtually no money to buy a van. Zipcar gave me the chance to have transport to the markets at an hourly rate and I didn't have to think about all the running costs that mount up when you own a vehicle - petrol, tax, insurance, congestion charge, repairs. It made my business plan a lot simpler."

Could your small business benefit from hourly car and van rental? Or maybe, like Mark, you’ve got an idea to get off the ground but can’t quite face up to the costs of traditional transport options? Check out Zipcar for Business today and benefit from cheap hourly and daily rates with fuel, insurance and congestion charge included. 

*In this case, the ‘wild things’ are food suppliers who are also awake at these crazy times.  








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