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When one of our Zipcar for Business members tweeted us asking whether they could fill a Zipcar with popcorn we had to decline the kind offer on the off chance they weren't planning on bagging it all beforehand. Lucky for us those members, the team at Kings Road Gourmet Popcorn, have got into the habit of bagging their popcorn before taking it for a Ziptrip. Read on below as our very own Keith Moore got the low down on all things sweet and salty.


"The team behind the tasty treats started their days at a market and have grown considerably since then. They first started selling the popcorn at the Partridges Food Market in Chelsea on Kings Road every Saturday in 2011, but have since grown to be stocked in stores across London and the UK, such as Fortnum & Mason and Harvey Nichols.


Owner Matthew Firth alluded to these beginnings when explaining their recent rebrand: 'We were Toasted Gourmet Popcorn but the new name is all about where we started out and the loyal customers who rain or shine would visit us in the market.'


Toasted Gourmet popcorn original packaging


From those beginnings the popularity and business grew in quick succession and they awarded 2 Gold Stars in the Great Taste Awards 2013. Incredibly they are the only popcorn company in the UK to have 2 Gold Stars for Sweet & Salty popcorn, making their product officially the best in the country.


With more travel required for the business, Matthew felt he needed to find a solution to the way he was distributing his product, which is why he came to Zipcar. He told us that when he first started he would rely on taxis and public transport to carry the boxes of popcorn around, up until a few friends recommended that he give us a call. From there he says it has "completely changed" life for him.


Matthew explained that being able to rent cars at short notice for short periods gives him the scope to get around much more easily, allowing him to do much more to help grow his brand. When we asked him about the biggest difference he noticed in running a business with Zipcar he said that the all-in-one pricing has helped him keep costs down. As a small business, he said, keeping these running costs down is a constant battle."


We love to hear stories from our members about how we've aided them in building a flourishing business. If your business has benefitted from our service, or indeed if you're a small business owner who wants to explore the idea of signing up with Zipcar, click here to find out more.


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