Global Sharing Day 2013

We’re big fans of sharing. Why own when you can share, right? So we’re naturally very proud to be official sponsors of Global Sharing Day 2013, organised by the wonderful People Who Share. Their mission is to raise awareness of the benefits of sharing and make it mainstream. Linsay Duncan, research marketing sharer for Global Sharing Day, explains more about the event and how car sharing fits in.

Linsay Duncan, Marke2ing, research marketing sharer for Global Sharing Day

“Zipcar members already know about the many benefits of car sharing and are part of the 51% of UK adults who’ve taken part in some form of sharing in the last year. Our new report series researches how the Sharing Economy benefits the so-called triple bottom line: people, planet and profits. It looks at areas of growth, the motivations behind sharing and other trends happening.

Zipcar has made its mark in the UK by making car sharing widely available to the British public, contributing to the 2 million UK adults we now know have used a car sharing scheme in the last year.  Looking ahead what’s exciting for this market is the jump to 1 in 4 (39%) Brits who are now considering using such a scheme (well up on last year by 6%).

With the focus of our upcoming Global Sharing Day (2nd June) being on food sharing we took a closer look at the grub side of things. Did you know that Miranda Hart is the celebrity we’d most like to share a meal with? She beat front runners Barack Obama, the Queen and David Beckham (a result we were surprised to see)! Read the full report for more insight into why we share, the growth sharing is set to see and more about the potential in food sharing.  

Huge thanks to Zipcar for sponsoring this world-first research on the Sharing Economy and for backing Global Sharing Day and all that it stands for. If getting involved in a bit of food sharing yourself appeals (BBQ with neighbours or why not go for a full blown street party even?) take a look at what’s going on in your area on 2nd June for Global Sharing Day and be a part of the Greatest Food Share on Earth.”

Are you a car club member? What else do you share?

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