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Here at Zipcar, we passionately believe that car clubs are one of the best ways for you savvy urbanites to get around town. Whether it’s to make that impromptu jaunt to a stately home (you know, when you need a bit of culture), or that essential trip to Ikea, or even to get to a crucial business meeting, car clubs help make that happen. And without all the fuss and bother of owning a car full-time.

So we’re always excited when we see more research published on the benefits of car clubs. It’s just another chance for us to spread the word! The independent organisation, Carplus, has just unveiled its annual survey (full report below), looking at car club habits and trends during 2012/13. The report included some great stats on car clubs in London, and also throughout the rest of the UK and Wales.

It’s a meaty report if you’re so inclined to read it all (go ahead, we’ll wait…), otherwise here are my highlights:

Car club membership helps reduce car ownership. Fact. According to the survey, for each car club vehicle in England and Wales, 16 private cars are taken off the road, and a further 12 are not purchased. In London, 6 private cars are taken off the road, and up to 14 future car purchases are deferred. Imagine the impact in your borough!


Average mileage drops. Car club membership reduces car travel in favour of more sustainable modes, with members’ average car mileage almost 40% lower than the national average.


Car club membership helps reduce emissions. The average carbon emissions of the car club fleets in London in 2012/13 are 31% lower than the national average car.


Car clubs are a great complement to other modes of transport. Talk about freedom of choice. The Carplus survey found that car clubs work really well as part of the urban transport mix. Maybe you walk or cycle when the weather’s nice (ok, if the weather’s nice), take the bus when it suits you, and do the car club thing when you feel like it.



So there you have it. Car clubs are about freedom, choice and convenience. Now, where are my special driving shoes? I feel a Ziptrip coming on…

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