With January firmly behind us, we decided to dive back into our exploration of London, to uncover the secret spots and mine some precious local knowledge, borough by borough.

This month, we took a trip south of the river and into Lambeth’s unofficial capital, Brixton. On any given day of the week, there is so much to see and do in Brixton. With the academy showcasing some of the world’s leading entertainers, and the bustling market street immortalised by Eddy Grant, there is no shortage of excitement on offer.

We’ve taken this chance to share some of our favourite daytime spots to check out before heading into Brixton’s famous nighttime venues.



The Chocolate Museum

Tucked away down Ferndale Road is Brixton’s very own independent Chocolate Museum. Opened in 2013 by French artisan chocolatier, Isabelle Alaya, The Chocolate Museum provide guests with an accurate representation of the UK’s chocolate industry as well as offering delicious, ethically sourced chocolate.

The first thing we noticed as we stepped through the door was the smell. The whiff of chocolate was hanging so thickly in the air you could practically taste it! There’s nothing like the smell of chocolate to start your tummy rumbling. We made sure to order a hot chocolate as quickly as possible and it didn’t disappoint. Thick, aromatic and very tasty.



Don’t you hate it when you’re in an art gallery or a museum, you lean in for a closer look and the alarms start to sound? Barbican, I’m looking at you! Well fear not, we have just the place for you. Located in the vibrant Brixton Village Market, Brixi has been best described as “like a museum where you can touch stuff”.

Opened by Emy Gray in 2011, Brixi is a veritable cave of wonders, packed with curious items, all thoughtfully curated with loving care. It’s not simply a shop, it a venue. One of Brixi’s guiding principles is to showcase the work of local and emerging artists, giving them a platform share their work with the public.

We didn’t know where to turn when we popped in, with so many things to see and touch, we couldn’t leave until we’d taken in the lot!



Studio 73

Studio 73 is just a few yards down the avenue from Brixi. Like Brixi, Studio 73 showcases locals artists, with year round rolling exhibitions displaying original paintings, drawings, photography and prints. This isn’t all that is on offer at Studio 73, they also provide a framing service as well as hosting regular workshops for those out there who want to flex their creative muscles.

We loved seeing all the work they had on display, and with so many of the prints being competitively priced, we hadn’t broken the bank by picking up some art that caught our eye.



Brixton Village Grill

Okay, so the Brixton Village Grill isn’t exactly a sweet shop. Yes, their menu is filled with all sorts of meaty options, from Piri Piri Tiger Prawns to Chargrilled Chorico sausages, but its the Dime Bar Cheesecake we couldn’t leave Brixton without eating. 

We really know our cheesecake here at Zipcar, and in our opinion, the Dime Bar Cheese Cake available at the Brixton Village Grill is the best in London, hands down, no competition, out in front, get down there now, put it in your face, trust. 


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