Photo of Zipcar for Business member & photographer Simon Sorted
Introducing Simon Sorted a photographer, director and a fellow Zipster! After starting photography as just a hobby, Simon soon gravitated towards the photography club at school. He quickly realised his future would be seen through a lens and so naturally progressed to studying photography at Staffordshire University.
London inevitably came calling, where Simon had some incredible opportunities.  First up assisting Lord Snowden for several years before moving on to become a freelancer for some great creative photographers, including David La Chapelle           
We’d like to think the highlight of his career was the honour of shooting two Zipcar brand campaigns last summer, but of course, it’s hard to compete with the awesome experiences this photographer has enjoyed during his career.
We caught up with Simon at his Islington studio, where we got into how he uses Zipcar to get around for work.  Don’t forget to watch the video at the bottom of this post!
Zipcar: What role does Zipcar have in your business?
Simon: I use Zipcar quite a lot for work, because I often have to collect props or equipment and get them to a shoot. Having lots of cars and vans parked nearby is really convenient for me, as I can pretty easily make a booking and pick up a car all within a few minutes.  The nature of my job means I sometimes have to travel around the country for different clients, and again, Zipcar fits the bill, because shifting my gear on public transport just won't cut it.
Zipcar: What do you love about Zipcar?
Simon: I love how easy to use Zipcar is. I can just book it on my phone app or online and there is usually always a Zipcar available even on short notice. I can also have assistants added to my business account, so when we have bigger shoots, we can get the extra equipment and people there in multiple vehicles.
Zipcar: Do you have a favourite car?
Simon: I do actually! There is a Golf parked really close to my studio that I always end up booking as it fits tons of stuff in’s almost like a Tardis! The great thing about ‘my’ Golf is that my phone is already synced up to it so I can carry on making phone calls if I need to, which saves me time doing it every time I book.
Watch Simon's video below:
Thanks to Simon and his team for taking us behind the scenes and showing us how Zipcar works for them! Could your business benefit from a Zipcar for Business account? Sign up here


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