Deja Vu Rose card

In a world where texts and tweets have the potential to put the age-old form of letter writing to an early grave, our friends over at OnlyRoses are doing their best to change all that, while giving back to the local community. This year they’ve teamed up with Action for Children to produce a range of postcards featuring exquisite photographs of their equally exquisite roses - simplicity really does bring beauty in this instance.



Aside from the eye-catching photographs by Simon West, the postcards also feature witty names for each flower, alluding to the many numbers of situations in which these cards can be the perfect antidote. A missed catch-up perhaps? There’s ‘Amensia’ for that. Or how about the elegant ‘Friendship’ rose, reserved for those dearest to you when a Facebook message just isn’t enough! As OnlyRoses owner Sabine puts it, "People can express their love, just say hello or restart a conversation and they do it in a gently amusing way."




Not only are you sending letters full of love to those you care about, but also lending a helping hand to Action for Children. £1 from every card sold will go towards supporting some of the UK's most vulnerable, disadvantaged and neglected children and young people. For Sabine, there’s nothing more appropriate for a charity that gives these people voice than postcards that enable us all to learn to communicate more closely again. For more on the incredible work that Action for Children do across the UK, click here


With the festive season just over a month away, it’s time to crack out the quills and refine those writing skills. And what better way than with one of these postcards? Let us know in the comments below if you’ll be sending handwritten cards to your loved ones this year, and head to OnlyRoses to get hold of one of these cards.

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