save time, money & hassle with Zipcar

  • Over 1,500 cars & vans by the hour or day
  • Parked near your office & home 
  • Fuel, insurance & Congestion Charge incl.
  • On-demand access 24/7
  • Dedicated Business Support
  • Email
  • Or call 0845 226 3108 to find out more!


Zipcar for Business provide car and van hire by the hour or day 24/7 from on-street locations across London

how it works

How it works - Zipcar for Business
How does Zipcar work? 4 simple steps join book unlock drive

Does your company sometimes need access to vans, but you don't want the cost and hassle associated with owning one?

Do you sometimes need additional vans but don't want to wait around at a depot, pay a deposit and deal with all the paperwork?

A Zipcar for Business Account allows you on-demand, flexible hire of vans and cars, 24 hours a day, all around the year. Set up an account over the phone in just 10 minutes, then reserve online or via the mobile app, get in and drive away!

Whether you have 1 employee or 100, Zipcar allow you to expand your fleet to meet your demands at a minutes' notice.

To find out more and open an account, contact the team.

Why Zipcar for business?

Zipcar for Business is a cost-effective and convenient alternative to vehicle rental, ownership and taxis.

Where can I find a car?

There are over 1,500 cars & vans, available 24/7 and parked on-street across London and the UK.

Your on-demand fleet

Drive a wide range of vehicles, from Polos & Golfs to Audis and Transporter vans.